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Congratulations Epic, for consistently killing your game with your sh*tty changes that no one asked for. Yall lazy scumbags cant fix annoying glitches for months, but xp changes can be done in matter of days right? Same goes for fun glitches.

Yall just saw that number were going up for STW and realized that people will start complain there arent many updates and new things so yall just want to prevent that.

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And of course u/FreightTrainUSA is f**king silent

This is slightly misleading, as we stated previously we were looking at the data around XP and made an additional change that increased mission XP and reduced quest XP. The values are not fully reverted before the 22.40 patch. The tweet can be found here


Also as previously said, we're continuing to monitor the values and will continue to make any adjustments as needed.