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There are a lot more bug fixes but that just aren't player facing issues.

When our QA team is testing a build there could be crashes or a varity of other issues that get fixed for us to put out the patch. These are issues players never run into due to being fixed prior to the release of the update.

So yes, while in the patch notes only 1 issue listed in the update notes, the team is working behind the scenes to fix a variety of issues that players never know exist in the first place.

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So the patch introduced bugs, but was fixed before the patch released?

Every single update produces new issues, even on BR. These issues are typically squashed well before players will experience them as the teams work on fixing them all while looking to address player facing issues.

When i use the term player facing i mean something you, as a player will experience. Like maybe there is a reloading issue, or a harvest issue, etc... obviously issues in the live game get a focus on being resolved but we also need to fix a variety of issues behind the scenes that as player, you'll never experience.