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15 Mar


This week in Free Fire you've got the Shamrock Bucket Hat + Gingber Beard in the Special St. Patricks Topup to keep you festive, the Demonic Grin Gloo Wall and Parachute are here to keep you smiling, and time to have a Shoping Spree on Friday!

What're you looking forward to the most this week?

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11 Mar

The test of a true assassin is how good they are at solving scavenger hunts. 🔎🤯

Give our scavenger hunt a go for your chance to get the Ezio Auditore Outfit Bundle! There will be 15 lucky winners so good luck to all!

Scavenger Hunt link below:

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01 Mar

Welcome back to the Weekly Community Update brought to you by your very own, Free Fire Official Account!!! Whooooo!! Happy March First everyone, hopefully this month treats you well and brings you all good things! Fortunately, Free Fire has some goodies for you this week and kicks off the month with a bang! Before we get started, don’t forget to use this thread to leave any comments, questions, or concerns! We’d love to hear from you! Now let’s check everything out :) Now to the update!

This week in Free Fire:

03/01: EP: Copper Prodigies out now!!

03/03 - 03/06: Incubator bonus

03/04 - 03/10: Red Aquila backpack Topup

03/04 - 03/13: Assassin’s Creed Mystery Shop

03/07 - 03/10: Keffiyeh Topup

03/07 - 03/13: Assassin’s Creed Bullseye


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22 Feb

Everyone’s favorite day of the week is here! Community update day! Woooohooo!! Here I am to update you on some weekly Free Fire news! Squad Beatz is officially over (cries) but the beginning of Cobra Back has begun! (cheers) The new Elite Pass goes on pre-order this week and we have plenty of Topups for you to grab some new goodies! Before we get started, don’t forget to use this thread to leave any comments, questions, or concerns! We’d love to hear from you! Now let’s check everything out :) Now to the update!

This week in Free Fire:

2/22 - 2/24: Lion Topup

2/23 - 3/1: Bullseye: MP5 - Aurora Oni

2/25 - 2/27: Katana Top Up

2/25 - 3/1: Midnight Oni Bundle + PARAFAL - Aurora Oni

2/25: FFPS- First Match is 25th!

2/26 - 2/28: EPS46 Preorder- Copper Prodigies / "Chimney Engine Loot Box" - 903032007 preorder bonus


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15 Feb

Weekly Community Update Day!!!! We hope yesterday was a day full of love for all of you and we hope some of you were able to be lucky winners in the Woo Your Boo contest! :D Hopefully everyone was able to login last Saturday for the Squad Beatz peak day login bonus and try out Pet Ludo! This next upcoming week is filled with some wonderful goodies and can’t miss events! Before we get started, don’t forget to use this thread to leave any comments, questions, or concerns! We’d love to hear from you! Now let’s check everything out :) Now to the update!

This week in Free Fire:

02/14 - 02/27: Faded Wheel: Predatory Cobra MP40 + Cobra Sprinter Bundle

02/15 - TBD: Mod Applications OPEN :D

02/15 - 02/24: Valentine's Box

02/16 - 02/22: Graffiti: Vampire Malevolence Bundle + MP5 - Vampire Malevolence

02/18 - 02/27: Token Tower: Cobra Rage Bundle


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09 Feb

Community Update

Happy weekly community update day!! I hope this last week was a fun one with the beginning of Squad Beatz and the release of the new Elite Pass! This next week is sure to be filled with tons of good things (as always) and we hope you all enjoy them! So buckle up and strap in, this one is a long one! Before we get started, don’t forget to use this thread to leave any comments, questions, or concerns! We’d love to hear from you! Now let’s check everything out :) Now to the update!


02/04 - 02/20: Squad Beatz Events: Pet Ludo // Peak Login Day Reward

02/08 - 02/14: Level up Store

02/08 - 02/10: Swag Top Up

02/10 - 02/16: Faded Wheel: Brassy Core Gloo Wall + Cyclone Skater

02/11 - 02/17: Token Tower: Legends Token + Lightning Eye (facepaint)

02/11 - 02/13: Beatz Top Up

02/12 - ...

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02 Feb

Community Update

It’s your favorite day of the week! Community Update day! Yay! This week is jam-packed with a bunch of goodies for everyone to enjoy! The year is already flying by with us heading straight into February with Squad Beatz! It’s time to Squad Up and Party this week with a ton of exciting news for this event. Before we get started, don’t forget to use this thread to leave any comments, questions, or concerns! We’d love to hear from you! Now let’s check everything out :)

This week in Free Fire:

02/01: New Elite Pass: Papyrus Rebel

02/02 - 02/08: Faded Wheel: Halo of Music & Flames Enchanted Bundle

02/04 - 02/20: Squad Beatz

02/04 - 02/10: Fever Store: Airburst Entranced Bundle

02/07 - 03/09: New Incubator: Beatz Bangers

New Elite Pass: Papyrus Rebel

The new Elite Pass: Papyrus Rebel is finally...

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26 Jan

Community Update

Another week, another Community Update. Survivors, how are you liking the most recent update? Don’t forget that if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, you can use the thread pinned in the subreddit here to let us know. As we move forward with this patch, we’ve got a few events along the way! Squad Beatz won’t kick off until next week, so let’s take this week off and just take some time to… no? Ok, ok, we’ve got you!

This week in Free Fire we have two fallen angels descending down upon us as we unleash a the new Demilord and Demilady sets alongside their respective weapons and themed items to go with them! Plus, we’ve got a couple of other events for you to get some discounts on, as well as a new esports season & free rewards. Let’s check it out!


1/25: FFPS - Spring '22 Season

1/25 - 2/4: Parkour In Craftland

1/26 - 2/1: Bullseye: Untamed Demilady ...

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19 Jan

Community Update

Survivors! We've got quite the busy week this time! Not only will we have an update available for Free Fire, we also have a ton of new events headed your way. From new Royales to old events coming back with new bundles, there's a bit of everything for everyone this week.

Without further ado, let's check it out!


1/19: New Update

1/19: Gold Royale: Bluesilk Royalty

1/20 - 1/26: Shopping Spree

1/20: Clash Squad: New Ranked Season

1/21 - 1/27: Faded Wheel

1/24 - 1/30: Fever Store: Cyber Guardian Bundle

New Update

The first update for Free Fire of the year is here! Survivors, we’ve got a lot planned for you this update! From the classic weapon adjustments & balancing to new features in Free Fire & MAX, we sincerely hope you enjoy this patch! As always, pl...

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11 Jan

Community Update

Aaand we’re back Survivors! We’re still out here picking up steam in the new year, as a couple of big events make their way towards you. We’re prepping as much as we can right now, so bear with us until then! We’re sure that you’ll like what we have in store for you, though, so fret not!

This week in Free Fire we’ve got a couple of returning events as well as one big overarching one focusing on a very special game mode: Bomb Squad! Let’s take a look.


1/12 - 1/19: Bomb Defuse

1/12 - 1/18: Shani's Garage

1/13 - 1/20: Tower of Assassin

Bomb Defuse

Bomb Squad is back and better than ever, with a few surprises to boot. Get competitive in Bomb Squad in a new special map, elaborated specifically for this mode and work with your team to get the Booyah! We’ll be sharing more details about this new map and event in the comin...

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04 Jan

Community Update

Welcome to the New Year, Survivor! What a year 2021 was, but as good as a time we had then, we’re even more excited for what’s coming next! Obviously, no spoilers quite yet but we’ve got a few surprises coming your way pretty soon. Stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime, let’s get started with the first Community Update of the year! You know, new year, new us. We might be looking to revamp these updates sometime this year, so if you’ve got any suggestions, feedback or ideas on what you’d like to see this content become please do let us know in the comments in this thread! We’ll be taking a look as we look to the future of the subreddit.

Anyway, let’s get to it! This week we’re picking up steam for the new year with a couple of new events as our J Balvin collaboration items become available! Let’s take a look.


1/4 - 2/7: Diamond Royale: Moonlight Bard

1/5 - 1/11:...

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28 Dec

Community Update

Survivors, the year is almost done... What a year, huh? It certainly flew by for us! There's a lot that went on this year, from collaborations to global events to the occasional celebration here and there. We want to thank each and every one of you for being part of our journey in 2021, and we're looking forward to the next year. As always, we can't exactly reveal what lies ahead, but just know that we're very excited for you to see it!

But hey, hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We've still got one week left in 2021 (or half of one at least) and it's a good one. In case you missed it, you can check out the weekly schedule on our Twitter, where you can find most of the items that are coming out this week. We'll keep this week's update short so as not to wake those hibernating, but we've still got a few things to cover. Let's go!


12/29 - 12/31: New Elite Pass: Planet Rogue Pre-order

12/31 ...

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14 Dec

Community Update

Survivors, welcome back! Things are getting chillier, but this week in Free Fire just couldn't be hotter. As we kick things off into a New Age, we've got a lot of surprises for you in store, both old and new. Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year and join us in celebrating the holidays!

This week we have a new Faded Wheel, the Angelic Tower, AND the Mystery Shop. Plus if that weren't enough, we've got Incubator relaunches and a FREE pet? Let's check it out in full, shall we?


12/15: Netherworld Troops Relaunch

12/16 - 12/22: Faded Wheel: Aquablaze Wrath Vector

12/17 - 1/7: Mystery Shop

12/17 - 1/1: Yeti Searching

12/18 - 12/25: Angelic Tower

12/20: Imp-Heads Relaunch

Netherworld Troops Relaunch

They’re back, and they’ve got a score to settle...

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13 Dec

07 Dec

Community Update

Survivors, welcome to December -- properly this time! The plan has been set in motion, and the stakes have never been higher. Welcome to the next chapter of Plan Bermuda: Raid and Run! New items and collections will be available this week as part of our new Money Heist collaboration so make sure to get yours! Complete your heist, stash your loot, and get the hell out of there. That's your mission.

This week in Free Fire we have a variety of new events prepared for you, including the relaunch of a fan-favorite Incubator! Plus, a new Pet makes his appearance and we've got new themed bundles and sweet loot. Ready? Let's check it out!


12/8 - 12/14: Faded Wheel

12/9 - 12/15: Level Up Store

12/10 - 12/16: Duck Game: Dr. Beanie is here!

12/11: Spirited Overseers Relaunch

12/13 - 12/19: Supercharger Dice


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30 Nov

Community Update

Survivors, it's the last day of November. At last, we're about to put a ribbon on 2021 and call it a day. Except December is coming up, and boy it's coming knocking! We've got a BIG month coming up for you, and we can't wait for you to see what's cooking in the oven. We promise... it'll be exquisite!

But before we get in the Holiday Spirit, let's take a breather, shall we? Anyone else extremely tired from the Booyah Day celebrations? No, just me? You want to keep it going! Okayyyy let's go!


SOON: New Update

12/2 - 2/6: New Incubator: Geometric Shock

12/3 - 12/16: Collaboration Event

12/4 - 12/31: Weapon Royale: Ice Bones Treatment Sniper

12/4 - 12/5: Free Fire Pro Series Last Chance Qualifier

New Update

Survivors, hang in there! We’re hard at work getting the new update ready...

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23 Nov

Community Update

Hello Survivor! How’s your Booyah journey going so far? We’re sure by now most of you would have defeated the impossible and crafted your own legendary Booyah story already. Which is why this week, we’re so excited to bring you to the next level of this journey. It’s time to head to the style!


  • 11/24 - 11/30: Zombie Samurai Bundle comeback
  • 11/25 - 11/29: Battle in Style
  • 11/26 - 11/28: Booyah Emote Topup
  • 11/26 - 12/02: Tower of the King
  • 11/29 - 12/19: New Diamond Royale - Doctor Scarlette Bundle
  • 11/30 - 01/18: New Gold Royale - Heatbound Dunes Bundle

Battle in Style

Whether it’s in Free Fire or in life, we’re all fighting through our own battle, and while each battle is different, we believe you can always take them on in styl...

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16 Nov

Community Update

Survivor, jump on! We’re riding this hype train all the way to Booyah Day!

The time for the ultimate celebration is near. We’ve got exchange stores, legendary bundles, free items, new characters and, as always, surprises along the way! Booyah Day is close, so let’s take a look at all the amazing celebrations of Victory we’ve got awaiting us.


11/17 - 11/23: Change Your Fate

11/19 - 11/26: Flameborn Bundle + Bone Fist

11/20: Booyah Day Peak Day

11/20: Free Leon

11/22 - 11/28: Price Break

Change Your Fate

Change Your Fate is back and better than ever with a few surprises in store! No spoilers quite yet, but all we can say is that this will be a throwback for the ages.


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09 Nov

Community Update

Survivors, the time has come! Join us as we unveil our Booyah Day 2021 event, and take a look at the things that await us within it! Let's go!


11/10 - 11/16: Further Reductions: Sports Car BOOYAH DAY 2021

11/11 - 11/17: Incubator Relaunch: Time Travellers

11/11: Purgatory In Clash Squad

11/12 - 11/29: Booyah Day

11/12 - 12/7: Faded Wheel: Evo Gun - Booyah Day 2021 UMP

11/13 & 11/14: Free Fire Pro Series NA: Group Stages

Further Reductions: Sports Car BOOYAH DAY 2021

Let’s start the Booyah Day celebrations by chasing the thrill of victory with the new BOOYAH DAY 2021 Sports Car skins, available in Further Reductions tomorrow! Get this and other classic bundles with steep discounts to make sure you’ve got the golden glow on lock in preparation for the Booyah...

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