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Hey folks,

There must be a setting I didn’t realise was active where automated messages come from Salty’s account, I’ll dig into it as this is the first I’d heard of it. I thought the message either came from the mod’s account who actioned the report or the forum itself. Often these settings on forums are a single checkbox in a massive list of options, so I’ve obviously missed one. Sorry about that.

Regarding this particular post, as you raised it publicly yourself I don’t mind discussing it here if you want this time @Fourdottwoone given the nature of the post in this particular case.

Spamming is basically any of the following:

  • Posting the same message over and over
  • Posting the same or similar message over and over accross multiple topics
  • Posting indiscriminately multiple times off topic/posts that don’t add value to a particular topic
  • Advertising

In the case of this particular post, the problem is the message is always the same except now with the added drop table.

As mentioned in the past, we’re totally fine with you posting the “consumer alert” at this stage and what your thoughts are on that, however, you will need to put it in its own feedback thread. Your posts are being taken down at this point because your post has become so spammy it’s now disrupting the forum and it can’t be left alone any longer.

Regarding the drop tables, it would be better if you posted where you’re getting that information from at the top of the table as well, although that doesn’t constitute spam. As we don’t publish the drop rates of specific Troops I think it is important to mention, as it does dance on a line where it could cause confusion/issues, but that’s not why the post is getting taken down. That’s just some feedback from me.

As a note, this isn’t a popularity contest, the number of likes on a post doesn’t determine whether it is actioned by a mod against the rules.

Also, regarding making a feedback thread for the consumer alert topic, this is actually the most effective way for feedback to be communicated and what the value of it is to other players. When we just have one user spamming the same copy pasted message accross multiple threads but not actually talking about the issue it’s something we can report once, but after that it’s just one dude with something saved in their clipboard - it’s lower value feedback at that point.

I understand the above sounds HARSH, but it’s literally my job to represent the community, I’m here for you folks, so if you’re devaluing your message and making it harder for me to get your point across for you, I think it’s in your best interest to know that you’re making it hard for me to represent you on a certain point and why.

Hopefully you can see where I’m coming from on this, it’s risky for me to be that bluntly honest with you because if it comes back and bites me it will literally make my job twice as hard in future again, which is not just my problem, but everyone’s problem.

Basically, I think there’s this idea that when a mod tells someone to make a thread about something instead of posting about it in other threads or being spammy about it, that maybe we’re just trying to bury it or something (?) but we’re literally doing it because if the topic is relevant, it will be so much easier to highlight if it has a dedicated topic…