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Hello Adventurers,

We were very pleased to see you all enjoying a plethora of Gnome-a-Paloozas during the last Vault event. Over 50 million Gnomes valiantly gave their lives during that event so we could all collectively bathe in Gems and Gold.

Starting today we are making a small adjustment to the way rewards are calculated in battles during Gnome-a-Palooza. First we’ll explain why, and then we’ll explain the change.

A little over 1% of players are amazingly efficient at dispatching Gnomes at an alarming rate. The clever ones amongst you can manage – with a combination of x4 speed, efficient team design, and the correct selection of weaker opponents – to win games at a rate that is unhealthy for the economy. We were happy to see you enjoying this in the previous event but unfortunately we have to introduce some limits for the health of the game.

As of today, if (and only if) a Gnome-a-Palooza is active, rewards from Gnomes will be reduced if one of two things is noted in a battle; if a battle is completed too quickly or if the enemies are too easy, rewards will be reduced proportionally. So if you can play 6 games per minute, you still earn more than a player who plays 1 game per minute, but it will be significantly less than six times more.

We apologize that we’ve had to do this, and we tip our chainmail hats to the brave adventurers who pulled this off, but we really couldn’t allow it to continue

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Hey, just to jump in quickly:

This change should effect the top 1% of gnome slayers only, and only during a Gnome-a-palooza, those who are fighting against weak opponents and slaughtering them super quickly (the example in the original post is 6 battles per minute), while those who play against opponents more suitable for their own account level and teams, who maybe only play or 2 battles a minute won’t notice a change.

ONLY during an active Gnome-a-palooza.

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No, it only affects the rewards the gnome drops. If you play a super easy battle for you and you do it super quickly because of that the gnome rewards will be lower than you have been used to during gnome-a-paloozas up until now.

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The drop chances of the reward types aren’t affected, however the amounts received are decreased in the case outlined in our previous posts in this thread.

Because Vault Keys only drop 1 Vault Key, they can’t be decreased to 0 so they’re not directly affected by this change. However, if you do decide to farm higher level explores for example to mitigate this change, and you’re normally someone who runs 4 second explore battles, then obviously you’ll be receiving less Vault Keys than you used to simply because you’re doing less battles than you used to in the same time period.

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4s battles are the quickest I’ve seen without cheating.

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