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Hey all,

Sorry, I wasn’t able to jump in here sooner. This is a thread I am following up further with the team!

Once I get some more information & I am back in the “office” I will jump back in here.

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Hey all,

Gathering what everyone has been sharing here and wanted to drop a summary of what is being reported.

Both in case anyone has experienced something different or if there were any further examples that I had missed, or you wanted to share.

Appreciate the depth of some of the reports as well, helpful when collating & sharing this information with the development team!

The instant kill from Archer’s Bull’s Eye trait (15% chance for skull damage to be lethal) can be reflected by Infernal Armor (which states it only reflects 25% of skull damage) and kill your own troop.

Issues raised:

  1. Should Lethal damage be reflected by Infernal Armor when the Trait only states that 25% of the Skull damage will be reflected?

An example comparison is Devour, where the damage reflected back is calculated from the life/armor lost from the enemy.

To this, where Zuul’s cast will Dispel before it applies “Annihilation” so it cannot be reflected should this be applicable to all traits/spells that do lethal damage.

  1. Infernal armor is reflecting lethal damage above what is visually displayed to the player on the enemy troop. ie. Bull’s Eye shows the total damage done to the enemy troop as 500 (the enemy troop’s total life and armor), the player’s troop has 1000 Life and Armor and instantly dies.

  2. The player’s own Troop dies (or takes damage) with no damage numbers displayed on it as it dies.

  3. Currently there is no help text for Lethal Damage within the game or within the Status Effects Game Guide article.

Again, I am discussing this further with the team but feel free to add other extra info/feedback on Bull’s Eye, Infernal Armor & Lethal Interact.

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