22 days ago - Kafka - Direct link

We’ll investigate the player and I’ve asked the Dev team to correct Black Tower’s Guild Wars Score

21 days ago - Kafka - Direct link

It’ll be a new/updated cheating tool.

We play a game of yo-yo with them.
We’ll implement new anti-cheat systems to drop the number of cheats that can be used.
Cheat creators update their tools so they start working differently to get around our systems so there’s a spike in cheating.
We update again.
They update again.

I’ll be spending today doing a a big manual sweep and passing info to the team so we can again update our systems.

It’s incredibly disappointing. Some people find fun in just ruining things for everyone else with no other purpose.

I can’t remember the last time we touched the Guild Wars code so it’s not a bug, I know some people are worried about that due to the recent Journey Miles problems etc. (Plus we’ve been checking that as well to rule out everything) It’s definitely cheats.

21 days ago - Kafka - Direct link

Yes, I’ve read it, the negative scores aren’t a bug.