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Hello :slight_smile:

Just a quick reminder to please keep this thread civil.

We appreciate a healthy debate, and of course, feel free to post your thoughts in the other main PVP thread.

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Just responding to the feedback here as Bramble already commented on keeping it civil.
Also just want to add, don’t shoot down people who have an opinion differing from your own. It’s healthy to discuss a variety of opinions in a respectful way. We don’t want the forum to be an echo chamber.

PVP is Player vs Player. It wouldn’t make sense to attach a player’s name to a team that isn’t their own. We absolutely have no plans to remove PVP from the game. We’ve been putting a lot of time into reworking PVP into something cool.

You can want more PvE without removing PVP. Both things can exist in separate game modes.

The main issues are these:

  • PVP is currently quite punishing, it should be challenging but not punishing.

Some of the feedback we’ve received could address this, the 2 main points for me PERSONALLY that may help with this are:

  • Review the code we have that is meant to make it so you’re more like to show up as an opponent if you run a different team from everyone else. This code was in the old PVP system but for some reason we’re seeing 3x the same team showing up instead of there being more variety in the choice options for opponents.
  • Review how opponents are being picked so that there are an easier > normal > hard options

These 2 things add variety and choice back in, so for the most points you could fight the meta team but for those who don’t like that they can choose the easier opponent.

The other main issue and just ONE of the reasons players who prefer PvE are affected by the current PVP system is:

  • There are rewards tied to PVP that aren’t available in other areas of the game as easily.

These rewards are everything from increased Gold rewards, Class XP and Pet Gnomes.
They also include the Marks and the things you can buy with them from the PVP shop.

Part of the feedback I’ll be passing on is going to be about how some of the issue is also being caused by the feeling PVP has to be farmed to earn those rewards, when ie. maybe they could be in a PvE game mode.

I still think if you want to earn Marks you should play PVP, but if people are feeling like they’re forced to play PVP to earn ie. Gold and Pet Gnomes… maybe it’s worth considering if we can add those to PvE in some way so those players who dislike PVP don’t have to play it.

I think it’s fair to say though if you want PVP specific rewards (ie. Marks), you have to play PVP.
My personal opinion is that I don’t think every reward needs to be available in every game mode all the time.
Ideally we wouldn’t have people playing game modes they don’t enjoy because they feel like they have to but this is a muddy issue that isn’t super easy to solve due to us all being humans who get fomo (myself included, I promise I’m not an alien :space_invader: )