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Hey all,

Sorry I have been unable to jump in here sooner, it is just me running between threads currently as a chunk of the team is out.

We have found the cause of the missing Kingdom Pass Crasher during the Vault event Weekend and I was just awaiting a response in regards to the following before I shared an update.

Crowns cannot be sent out as compensation, this was my first thought but unfortunately, in the game data itself these are considered a ‘point’ metric and not a resource that can be sent. Instead, we will be sending everyone 100 Gems to your in-game mail, to catch up to the tier those 3 crowns would have achieved.

This mail will be going out within the next 24 hours.

Appreciate everyone’s patience while I have been grabbing what I can.

12 days ago - Jeto - Direct link

Using the Gems to purchase a Tier on the Kingdom Pass is the equivalent of 5 Crowns progress.

So you would be up 2 Crowns in progress, had not been issues :sparkles:

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