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Hi Adventurers,

We have a very busy and short month here at Infinity Plus Two, so we want to give you more details about when we will be away.

Here is a list of the dates the office will be closed due to holidays, dates are in Australian time:

22 - 27 September
5 October
8 - 11 October
15 - 18 October
1 November

You may have noticed the first long weekend is this weekend coming up, and it is a very long one. To break this up a little and reduce waiting times we will be answering any account and purchase issue support tickets on Friday.

We will pop in to keep an eye out for any urgent bug reports during the holidays. However, we’ll be replying to any new forum threads on business days.

If you need help with an issue on your game account you can contact us here:

We have carefully planned to ensure this doesn’t affect our game update schedule, however we do have an update for the Broken Spire rework which we’ll post about before the weekend.

Thanks in advance for your patience over the next week particularly.

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To clarify, we prioritise bugs based on how game breaking/blocking they are and how many players are affected.

For a ROUGH example - sometimes the devil is in the details:

  • No one can open the game at all - everyone drops everything until it is fixed.
  • A chat portrait is missing but is in player’s collections - can wait.
  • Vash Dagon sometimes feezes the game but not every time and not for every player - can wait for a business day.
  • A scheduled event doesn’t start for everyone on Xbox - devs are called in on their day off to fix it.
  • Guild statue bonuses are being applied but the statue shows a grey bonus (inactive) not a red one (active) - can wait.

Missing rewards doesn’t block gameplay, so will often wait until a business day, although may not be true for every case of missing rewards, there may be specific cases where staff are called in. AKA it’s high priority but not everyone drop everything and come in on a public holiday to fix it because we can retroactively sort it out. But again, it depends on the details.

It can also depend on if it’s a server fix or a client fix. Server fixes can be pushed out to the live game once we’ve tested it. Client fixes need a new game version and go through the entire submission process on each platform so in that case, it would be worked on on a business day because rushing it on a public holiday won’t help get the fix pushed out to players any sooner than if we work normal business hours.

We release new game versions on Tuesdays - Thursdays in the morning here so we have staff clocked in and ready to handle any issues that come up.

We also have an Arena weekend this weekend which is an old event so carries the least risk.

Maybe if we had a large team we could look at having people working on weekends and public holidays, but we have a very small team so it’s not feasible. So we work to the best of our ability within the time we have and that does mean prioritisation of tasks and issues is incredibly important.

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Please keep it civil.

I’ve deleted all posts insulting other players and the racist posts too.

If it continues after this I’m locking the thread.

Thank you to everyone who did keep it civil.

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Myself and other community members have listed the holidays and dates in the OP and in posts above.

The Australian Federal Government, the Victorian State government and religion decide when those holidays are.

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