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Hey I have been investigating this issue this morning, and just finished up so came here to reply, just needed 10 minutes more to get here.

The development team is investigating this issue now, we have been looking into Guild Wars as a priority since yesterday.

I am about to make a known issue article which I will keep updated with any developments on the issue.

I just wanted to check here first to make sure the threads had been marked as investigating.

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Play Guild Wars as you would normally, don’t hold off on it.

I don’t have any further information at this stage I’m afraid :frowning:

I know how important this is and I know how disappointed and angry you must all be.

I will talk about this with the team again first thing on Monday morning and will hopefully have more information for you then.

I’m sorry this has happened :frowning:

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Just an update, we’re currently still investigating why this happened to some players and not all.
If at all possible we want to correct the issue before weekly reset.
Looking at solving it is our priority right now.

Plan B will be what to do if it can’t be solved in time for weekly reset, obviously fixing it before then is 100% our priority as that’s the best way to deal with the issue so we’re not even discussing compensation yet as we don’t want that discussion to take away from actually sorting this out.

Generally speaking:
Plan A = fixing before weekly reset
Plan B = fixing after weekly reset so the scores/rankings are correct before the next Guild Wars
Plan C = compensation and any possible other measures.

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This issue has been difficult to investigate as it hasn’t affected everyone equally and appears random in nature. We will have more to share once we’ve had a chance to learn more about this issue.

I plan to follow up with the team about this and the other Guild War issue tomorrow and will post more information here and in the known issues articles in the help center once I know more.

To people offering to give us any more information we need, just knowing if anyone with the bonus point issue had any technical issues, including error messages or connection issues (whether on your device or from our game servers or even your internet service provider) in addition to this bonus points missing issue, that would be helpful to know. So far we haven’t seen any reports along side the missing scores mentioning any strange tech issues but it doesn’t hurt for me to ask.

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Thanks, I’m not really expecting a connection issue to be the problem. Affected players are from all over the world and the times of the issues aren’t centered around the busy time, like daily reset. I’m also not aware of any game server issues for GoW last week or any other major outages at other companies/servers.

But at this point it’s one of the last things I could think to ask about.
We checked things like how active, old, new the accounts are, which devices they’re playing on, their level, Guild, Guild Wars brackets, Guild War attack and defense teams, Hero Class, Home Kingdom (in case it was something to do with Nexus but nope!). This is just a small example of the checks we’re doing when looking for patterns on the CX team side while the devs check the code side.

But if anyone thinks of anything regarding any technical performance issues let me know.

We will keep checking the code and data on our side.

Thanks so much everyone