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03 Mar

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.


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26 Feb


You should see a “Contact Support” button the upper right hand. Using that page, it should allow you to enter a ticket to communicate with support.

Outside of that, since this is not the place to get this kind of support, I’m going to lock this thread. If you have any further questions Support should be able to help you! Good luck!


If you want to contact a GM use the link I posted above. GMs and Customer Support don’t use these forums and this is a place for people in QA like me to find bugs, of which I don’t think I will be able to help you.

25 Feb


Hey there Vonjax,

We try to refrain from name and shaming other players on the bug report forums, so I’ve removed the name of the player.

You can use the search the support articles, or contact support if you have further questions here.


22 Feb


Hey Xor!

Thanks for the information. Currently it is known that these are locked in Ranked play, and we looking for any Mounts of Skins that are still locked in non-Draft modes, such as Quickmatch or VS AI game modes.

Sorry for this issue, and we hope to have it resolved soon!

21 Feb

20 Feb

19 Feb


Hey there Pomo,

This is currently a known issue. You can refer to this pinned post at the top of this forum for more information


18 Feb


Heya phaseshifter!

I would try posting over on the Technical Support forums, as they are better suited to gather the information needed to help troubleshoot either a connection or computer issue!

17 Feb


No worries! Yeah, them being locked in Draft mode games (Unranked, Storm League, or Custom Games with Drafts enabled) is known and I don’t need any more information regarding that interaction.

I’m more concerned if people are still seeing them locked in non-Draft modes only right now.


You can refer to this pinned post for the most up to date information regarding this issue.

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Hey there,

For clarity, you are only unable to use these skins in draft modes such as Ranked, Unranked, and Custom lobbies with Drafts enabled correct?

I currently have no additional information at the moment, but you can refer to this pinned post on this forum for the most up-to-date information regarding this issue.

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10 Feb

08 Feb