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This was my only reason to play this game, i dont know anyone else who plays this let alone 3 others people. Im not playing with randoms theyre always bots. I really enjoy this game and now im gunna have to go back to cod or fortnites br :( .

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From the Patch Notes:

Developer Notes: The change here is to better manage our player community without splitting them between too many playlists at once. The goal is also to give a clearer game mode option for our more competitive players while also providing the Arcade area for those looking for less pressure in their experience.

The dev team learned that with the current size of the playerbase, it does more harm to try to run Squads + Solos + LTM. While I myself really enjoy Solos and played Solos 80% of the time, it is an understandable change given the fact the team is trying to make sure players are not spread too thin.

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Originally posted by IdoRovitz

Why not just leave solos and remove the ltm playlist?

As we touched on in our Future of Hyper Scape blog post, we found that the Crown Rush game mode is very unforgiving for newer players. So we wanted to give a variety of formats in terms of match size and activity to give players a more chill place to try out the mechanics of the game. Additionally, we are also rethinking how we manage limited time modes and the player base split that is required to support multiple modes at once.

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Originally posted by Hwickham13

Makes sense. When crossplay comes out is there a chance that solos will come back permanently?

Maybe! I am not sure but I would really like solos to come back.

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Originally posted by _Esak_

Did you forgot the Duo mode or ? :(

Duos is a LTM.

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