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I had no idea what to expect when I clicked that link but damn I love it! :)

Thanks for putting it together!

Thanks a million :)



I can assure you the rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated! ;)

The Open Beta is finished so there is no way to access the game currently. We will be back on August 11th with the launch of Season 1 on PC and Consoles.

Thanks a million :)



The Open Beta has finished but we will be returning on August 11th with the Launch of Season 1 on PC and Consoles.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks a million :)


We'll see you in the Hyper Scape Contender! :)


Thanks so much for such a deep dive on the Lore of the game. We actually passed your thread onto the Narrative Team and they were delighted to read it.

Trust me there will be a WHOLE bunch of Lore for you guys to dig into once we launch! Can't wait to see all your theories and speculation!

Thanks a million :)



Allow me to make some clarifications if I may.

You WILL NOT required a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Hyper Scape.
You WILL require a Xbox Live Gold Subscription to play Hyper Scape.

These are preexisting requirements for Free To Play games on these respective platforms.

Thanks a million :)


I've seen and even been involved in a couple of Trades but I've never seen a melee vs melee one!

Thanks for sharing! Gave me a chuckle!

Thanks a million :) AJ

I say go for it!

It's Free Extremely small Download Size It's Fun!

But I am a little biased ;)

Thanks a million :) AJ

We have clarified on Twitter that Crossplay will not be available at launch but will be coming at a later date.

Thanks a million :) AJ

D-tar stats



Just a little clarification that the new Weapon coming with Season 1 is called the Dragonfly and not the D-Tar.

Thanks a million :) AJ


We have clarified on Twitter that Crossplay will not be available at launch but will be coming at a later date.

Thanks a million :) AJ

04 Aug


I believe this is a bug related to the kill feed.

The name of the player you killed at the very start appears to repeat after you killed the second player.

The third player in frame is not in your crosshairs when you fire. I don't believe they died as we lose line of sight of them at the end of the video.

I'll report this to the team though so thanks for sharing!

Thanks a million :) AJ

Originally posted by Gingla90

Please please fix STUTTERING . I love the game , but if it continues to have stutter it will be very hard to invest time and money on it !

We have been trying to gather more information on these stuttering issues. If you haven't already, please send your MSINFO files over a ticket and let me know what your ticket number is.

Originally posted by wraithline-

I love how active you guys are with the community and listening, i hope it stays that when when console comes and the platform gets bigger

That is the goal!

Originally posted by bombarclart

The game is truly awesome and has tons of potential. It really needs crosshair customisation and a much more precise sensitivity slider however.

We mentioned during the Tech Test that we would also like to implement more granular sensitivity settings. I do not have an ETA when that will be coming to the game at the moment, but it is on our radar!
Crosshair customization is also a popular topic within the community, and I've passed along the suggestion to the team before. Thank you!

Originally posted by ImJellyJack

I would love an auto sprint feature so we don’t always have to be pressing down on our controllers especially in a fast paced game like this!

We mentioned back in the Tech Test that this is a feature we plan to implement! However, I do not have an ETA when that will be implemented yet.

Originally posted by BasiliskofNight

I'm glad that devs are regularly interacting with the community. Imo the patch definitely had a very different gameplay experience in comparison the prior days of the open beta. While I think that experimenting is good, it would have been nice to have have a little more time to play the .5 update, especially with such large changes, notably the core facet of abilities, specifically cooldowns. Regardless, I can't wait for the 11th and am looking forward seeing the next few patches, as well as the AMA!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I do agree it would have been nice to have a bit more time to play around with the larger patch. I think this is definitely something the team will grow from in the future.

Thank you so much for the love!! It really means a lot. I do my best to respond when I am able to on threads. As Arcane pointed out, although we may not reply a lot sometimes (I'm usually trying to respond on Twitter or other platforms on top of Reddit), we do read through the subreddit throughout the day.

I appreciate you guys sharing your memes and cool clips! (especially when you post them on Twitter and tag the Hyper Scape twitter) Thank you for also being patient and understanding when we discuss feedback ideas. Being able to break down your thoughts with you helps me make sure I am understanding the sentiment of a topic correctly.

Discussing with you all is the best! Listening to the community is something we take very seriously. Even if you do not see a lot of replies (sometimes tasks keep us away from being able to respond a lot), please know we are reading this subreddit multiple times every day. Thanks for giving such great feedback!

Aw shucks!

Thanks for the kind words! Things are a little calmer after the craziness of the Technical Test and Open Beta so we hope we can be even more active!

We read as much as we possibly can on here and bring it back to the team so please keep up the constructive feedback and ideas. Please keep sharing the crazy good clips as well! The meme game is also strong and has given us many a laugh during stressful periods!

Thanks a million :) AJ

Hey hdox! Could you be more specific about what you disliked about Patch v0.5?
I have no details if a kill cam system wil be implemented at the moment, but the team is certainly aware of the suggestion from the community.
Thanks for your feedback! We prioritized connection in the Open Beta to have an quicker experience. Matchmaking is a topic the dev team is being careful about approaching at the moment.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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