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Hey Gotika-6,

A one-shot elimination can appear to occur due to connectivity issues, but weapons like the Sniper Rifle are capable of a one-shot kill if the user is accurate enough.

Hope that helps.

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Patch 3.1 brings several balancing changes requested by the community, as well as improvements for ammo management in Team deathmatch and multiple bug fixes.


After patch 3.0, we received multiple feedback from the community about the Protocol sniper rifle being too dominant in the revamped Neo Arcadia map; this was also confirmed when looking at weapon data across all platforms. Although some weapons remain more popular, the sniper is supposed to be a secondary weapon and it creates too much pressure when it becomes common at mid-range. Weโ€™ll be adjusting the Protocol, along with the Dragonfly for the same reason (although this weapon is not as dominant). We preferred not to touch actual damages, as the overall game balance feels right at the moment and decided to only adjust their ranges and aim assist.

In term of hacks, following the removal of health kit pickables in the map, we decid...

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