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Why did you get rid of solos and the make it a limited time mode for Halloween makes no sense.

From the Patch Notes:

The change here is to better manage our player community without splitting them between too many playlists at once. The goal is also to give a clearer game mode option for our more competitive players while also providing the Arcade area for those looking for less pressure in their experience.

Also, Solos is not a LTM for Halloween. The section under Halloween is the other LTM that will be available during Season 2, not specifically during the Halloween event.

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Wow what an awful roadmap. I thought we were getting more updates this season, not less

The roadmap is just a broad list of features and events that are happening. It's not indicative of title updates, as the content for those updates is not concrete currently. The frequent updates we mentioned in the Future Of Hyper Scape blog post are still coming.

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