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The Atrax is a full-auto rifle which shoots sticky explosive projectiles.

The chemical projectiles from the Atrax will detonate instantly when hitting a Contender, but when hitting an environment surface, they will instead stick to it and detonate shortly after.

Any enemy target caught within the Area of Effect of the explosion will suffer damage and a short slowdown effect.

The Atrax is an efficient and versatile weapon, but it has a very limited magazine clip size, so watch your ammo count closely!

  • Damage Across Fusion: 20/22/24/26/29

  • Clip size Across Fusion: 5/5/5/5/5

  • Rate of Fire: 170 RPM

  • Explosion AoE: 4.5R

  • Slowdown Effect: Movement -20% (0.75s)


The Platform Hack will make its debut in Hyper Scape a little later in the Season 2, as we introduce new Limited-Time Modes.

It will allow to deploy a small platform near you, to cross large streets of build temporary vantage points. Platform Hack has the shortest cooldown of all Hyper Scape hacks with a minimum cooldown time of 3s at full fusion! You’ll be able to create platforms easily but be careful as it is quite fragile, and any damage will destroy it.

  • Cooldown Across Fusion: 8/7/6/5/3s

  • Hit Points: 1

  • Effect Duration: 8s

  • Max Active Platforms: 2

Developer Notes: We decided to introduce the Platform Hack later in Season 2, and only in certain game modes for now. The return of the Magnet Hack (see below) already almost adds a new Hack to the game meta and that needs to settle in. We also felt it was better to try out the Platform in some of our Limited Time modes, like the upcoming Floor is Lava mode where it can have a particularly interesting impact.


The Magnet Hack is finally back! With the release of Season 2 we’ve fixed the sound issues related to the Magnet, which allows us to reactivate it now. It returns in the same state as it was in early Season 1.

  • Cooldown Across Fusion: 14/13/12/11/9s

  • Hit Points: 10

  • Max Active Magnet: 1


The Infinite Slide is a new Game Event where the duration of all sliding movements become almost infinite, allowing you to slide for very long distance. While sliding feel free to shoot all around you 360-style! Challenge your squadmates to a slide-off!

  • Effect: Slide now continues after reaching the cruise speed, if uninterrupted.

  • Event Duration: 50s


Season 2 introduces the first version of our new Player Ranking system which aims to bring a competitive edge to the community by allowing players to compare their Seasonal progress amongst each other. NOTE: This system does not affect matchmaking.

There are 6 Ranks in Season 2:

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Diamond

  • Champion

At the end of each Crown Rush Squad match you play you will receive a Medal (Bronze, Silver etc.) based on 3 stats:

  • Final Match placement

  • Total Kills

  • Total Damage

You will start the Season Unranked until you have gathered at least 10 Medals, then the system will kick in and your initial Rank will be calculated and appear, based on:

  • Your Top 10 Match Medals in Crown Rush Squad for the season

  • Your Average Kills in the season

  • Your Average Match Placement in the season

Your Rank will be displayed on your nameplate in game.

After your initial placement, you can continue to improve your Rank throughout the season by getting better Medals or improving your average kills & placements. Whenever you earn a better Medal than one currently in your Top 10, the one with the lowest Match Score will be replaced by the new one.

For now, only Crown Rush Squad matches will count towards Player Ranking. Limited-time game modes do not affect a player’s Rank as they feature game modifications that have a significant effect on the performance values that affect Match Score.

The details of your Ranking can be seen after every match during the End of Match screen, and your Player Profile has also been upgraded with additional stats to support this system.

Developer Notes: This is only the beginning for the Player Ranking System, and we’ll continue to add features to it in the future. Please note that this first version will be a test for the system’s balancing which we might have to adjust & reset during the season if necessary.


Every day, you can now collect a Free Daily Gift within the Shop! Simply head to the Marketplace Portal located left in the Playscape HUB and select the Daily Gift tile in the Shop tab.

The Daily Gift will grant you various rewards that can range from Battle Points to level up your Battle Pass, to unique cosmetic rewards. As you collect Daily Gifts, there is also a progression towards a Special Gift which guarantees the drop of a special cosmetic reward. Each time you collect 6 Daily Gifts you will be awarded 1 Special Gift.

A new Gift is available at 1pm ET / 5pm UTC every day!


The Player Profile has been expanded to your current Squad as well. You can now access the Profiles & Stats at any time directly from the Social Menu, where you were already able to manage your Squad options.

  • Squad Profiles have been added in addition to your own Profile.

  • Profiles can now be accessed at any time from the Social Menu, not just in the Playscape HUB.

  • The following Player Ranking stats have been added in the Profiles:

    • Best Match Score
    • Current Season Score
    • Average Damage per Match
    • Average Eliminations per Match
    • Average Placement


The Challenge system has received several new features to expose it better and make managing challenges easier, even during a match.

  • There is now a Challenges Recap on the HUD in both the Hyper Scape HUB and the Lobby.

  • It is now possible to access the full Challenges Menu anytime during the match, from the Map (the map of the Hyper Scape HUB has been added to support this behavior).

  • You can Pin challenges from the Challenges Menu to control which Challenges you want to see in the HUD.


Up to Season 2 the large Holograms of Neo Arcadia had been only displaying Ultimate Grace. Now each game’s Match Leader will have their own Holograms, names & stats displayed during the match! (The Match Leader is the Contender with the highest elimination count at any given time.)

Also, in the Hyper Scape HUB the hosting Contender's Hologram will now be displayed.


Fulfilling one of our most frequently community quality-of-life requests, a new setting has been added to the Gameplay options to activate the Auto-Sprint function. Once activated you will always be sprinting when moving forward with no additional button presses necessary. Save your fingers!

This setting is Off by default.


For Controller players, we’ve added a new control layout preset introducing Instant Melee action; it starts from the same configuration as the default layout with the addition of the direct melee button on Right Stick Click (R3).

Note the following changes as well:

  • Emote 3 is not accessible in that control scheme.

  • DPAD UP is used for the Ping.

Developer Notes: This is just a first layout preset giving controller player an access to Instant melee action; more presets with that option will be added soon.


Starting with Season 2, the format in which the Game Modes are available to play will change to offer a choice between a more competitive& ranked mode, and a more arcade one.

The Crown Rush Squad tile is going to be the Ranked mode (when you play in that mode you will earn ranking score). This mode will be present for the whole season.

The second game mode tile will offer a more Arcade-oriented playlist that will rotate each week. Those arcade modes will not be ranked (they will not earn you ranking score) and will offer a less competitive experience.

  • The Season will start with Faction War as the arcade mode, and then change each week during the Season.

  • Limited time modes will no longer appear as a third tile and are effectively replaced by the arcade mode rotation.

  • While this means a permanent Solo mode will no longer be always available, it will be part of the rotation in the arcade playlist.

Developer Notes: The change here is to better manage our player community without splitting them between too many playlists at once. The goal is also to give a clearer game mode option for our more competitive players while also providing the Arcade area for those looking for less pressure in their experience.


All the bullet weapons now have Damage Falloff (note: sniper rifle received this change in our last patch). The impact differs from weapon to weapon but overall, the intention stays the same: The goal is to avoid abusive long ranges attacks, not to make Damage Falloff a major parameter of the combat loop.

For multiple weapons also, the ADS has received a boost in term of Aim-assist both on PC & Consoles to reinforce its value vs. Hip-Fire.


  • Strongly Reduced Recoil.

  • Removed the FOV kick when firing with the weapon.

  • Damage Falloff: 150m+

  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.

  • Reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.

  • Increased Bullet Spread in Hip-fire.

Developer Notes: The Dragonfly has received several improvements to make it more comfortable and efficient in ADS. Like for other weapons damage falloff has been added but the Dragonfly stays the weapon with the longest range after the Protocol sniper rifle.


  • Damage Falloff: 40m+

  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.

  • Slightly reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.


  • Damage Falloff: 100m+

  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.

  • Strongly reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.


  • Damage Falloff: 100m+

  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.

  • Reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.


  • Removed the FOV kick when firing with the weapon.

  • Damage Falloff: 100m+

  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.

  • Reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.

Developer Notes: The FOV change when shooting with the Riot 1 felt uncomfortable for several players, sometimes even creating motion sickness, it has been removed.


  • Increased damage across Fusion to 60/64/68/72/80 (previously 50/55/62/70/80)

  • Damage Falloff: 200m+ (previously 150m+)

Developer Notes Based on feedback from players we increased the base damage of the Protocol, to make sure you would be able to always eliminate an opponent with 2 body shots. We agree that having to land 3 body shots at low fusion level felt tedious. The maximum damage of the Protocol is unchanged.


  • Damage Falloff: 40m+


  • Min Range for Full Damage: 12m (previously 15m)



  • Activation Timer: 0.75s (previously 1s)

  • Projectile Acceleration: 7 (previously 6)

Developer Notes: This change should make the Mine more reactive and more reliable in combat.


  • Effect Duration: 8s (previously 6s)



  • Effect: Global effect that strongly decreases the cooldown of all hacks for the duration

  • Event Duration: 45s (previously 50s)

Developer Notes: The Cooldown Accelerator no longer requires players to pick up power-ups in the map. The Cooldown reduction is global and affects all players for the duration.


  • Crates spawned by this Event are now permanent on the map until destroyed.



A series of feedback improvements have been made to the Crown to help Contenders chase the Crown Bearer and fight its Defenders teammates.

Crown Bearer

  • Improved contrast & readability of the Crown icon and timer over the bearer.

  • Improved readability of the off-screen Crown indicator.

  • Enemy Crown bearers still have a Gold outline however friendly Crown bearers now have a White outline (so it is clear they are not an enemy).

Crown Defenders

  • Teammates of the enemy Crown bearer are now revealed to all via a Gold Reveal Indicator over their heads.

Developer Notes: We know coordinating with enemies to fight the Squad running away with the Crown is difficult. Those visual improvements should help identifying the right players to target. Making the Crown Bearer more visible will also help chasing it.


Faction War has received a series of feedback improvements to unclutter it in term of UI and make Revives easier.

  • Unified the revive icons of faction mates & teammates.

  • Removed the "Ready for Restore" text from faction mates.

  • Added Range Indicator Numbers to faction mate Revive Icons.

  • Faction mate Revive Icons scale by distance.

  • Echoes no longer incorrectly see “Call for Revive” Icons for faction mates (they will still see squadmates’ though).


  • All Ammo Pouches now hold a normalized amount of ammo. Generally, all weapons pouches hold 5x reloads worth of ammo (at full Fusion clip sizes), with a few exceptions like Skybreaker.

  • The amount of ammo gained from ammo boxes pickups has been updated to give exactly 20% of each weapon's pouch. This means it takes exactly 5 pickups to fill every weapon's pouch.

Developer Comment: This change is more of a design cleanup and should not affect strongly the game experience.


  • The default voice channel was changed to “Party Only (Private)”. This will be effective for all newly created accounts (i.e. existing accounts will keep their current setting).

Developer Comment: This change is being done to reduce disruptive mic interactions for players who prefer to rely on the ping system to coordinate with random squadmates.


  • The Red Skull that appeared in the center of the screen when eliminating an opponent has been lowered away from the reticle.

Developer Comment: This is another frequent community QoL request we are very happy to bring to the game with this patch!


  • You can now choose how the items are sorted in your locker.

  • The following filters have been added to the default filtering:

    • Date Acquired - Most Recent First
    • Date Acquired - Oldest First
    • Alphabetical Ascending
    • Alphabetical Descending


  • You can now decide to display the distance on squadmate markers with the choice of three settings:

    • Always
    • On Screen Edge Only
    • Never
  • On keyboard, you can now remap the “Endorsement” button (i.e. congratulate a squadmate after eliminating an enemy).



  • Fixed an issue where full-auto weapons were sometimes able to shoot 2 bullets at once.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ripper’s muzzle flash VFX was not in-sync with the weapon’s Rate of Fire.


  • Fixed an issue where using the Wall hack under your feet after hitting a ceiling would spawn an invisible Wall.


  • Fixed an issue where the audio went partially missing after getting pulled by the Magnet hack.

  • In Faction War, removed a specific bark that was repeated more than once during a short amount of time.

  • In Faction War, fixed an issue where you could hear other faction mates and not only your squadmates.

  • Fixed an issue where pinging a Restore Point with a squadmate currently using it wouldn’t play a bark.

  • Fixed an issue where Ultimate Grace barks were sometimes not playing during the deployment phase.

  • Fixed an issue where Ultimate Grace barks were sometimes not playing when entering a Lobby.


  • In Faction War, fixed an issue where some players were not transitioning to the victory screen after the last enemy Faction got eliminated.

  • On consoles, fixed an issue where players would lose voice chat functionality when entering then exiting the Ubisoft Club application.


  • On PC, fixed an issue where rebinding the Ping button to something else than Middle Mouse Button would still show that same input on the Map.
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Originally posted by the_timezone_bot

1pm ET happens when this comment is 45 minutes old.

You can find the live countdown here: https://countle.com/KaVCAEf_l

I'm a bot, if you want to send feedback, please comment below or send a PM.

bad bot!

FYI: planned maintenance time tomorrow for the Season 2 update is 9am ET / 1pm UTC

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Originally posted by AiiCe_Predator

no exponential response curve super dev gg goodbye

It's coming. Just wasn't ready in time for this patch.

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Originally posted by cabmanextra

I don't think you need to have a bunch of controller presets, we need custom bindings. It's annoying having to rebind on the system level. Also advanced aim controls are needed too. I'd love to see these implemented before the game dies out.

We have said that long-term we would like the option to allow custom bindings. However, as a short term solution, the team was asking for layout options players would like to see.

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Originally posted by K1f0

While this means a permanent Solo mode will no longer be always available


Same :( But! It will still be an option with the LTM rotation. I would love to keep solos around (as a mostly solo player) but it is understandable to prevent the playerbase being split too thin across Squads, Solos and the LTM playlist. Once things grow the team can obviously look back into expanding to Solos being permanent.

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Originally posted by PsiEcstasy

There is no Solo Ranked unfortunately. I know that this game lacks players but damn...

As we learned in Season 1, it is not feasible for us with the current playerbase size to run more than 2 modes at the same time. Maybe in the future Ranked Solos can be a thing!

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Originally posted by cjHansen-

The instant melee is one I'm very happy to see! Hoping the other presets mentioned, (or even better custom layouts) come very soon in the frequent updates.

If you have any specific presets you would like to see besides what has been mentioned, make sure to let us know!

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Originally posted by SpabRog

Contender holograms are so cool, I love that you guys are adding polish to the game, keep it up ubi :)

Thank you so much! I was super excited to see the Contender Holograms. I liked the idea someone had of giving people crowns to signify crown wins as well.

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Originally posted by nintendonaut

Looking good so far! Very happy to see Magnet back most especially, and also thrilled that player rank will not affect MM'ing.

Personally, I'm sad that the only way to grind rank is through squads, and that duos is only an LTM. I only have one friend who plays the game, so that means the only way for us to grind rank is to team with a rando, and the people who solo queue in squads tend to be low-level players. In that sense, we basically have to carry a noob every squad match, which feels anti-competitive. I get it though, not enough players for all that.

You can always look for someone to squad up within the official Discord's LFG channels. I can totally understand the appeal of Duos in your case. I think the Dev team will also be curious to see how well Duos will do once it is available. If any of the modes show a lot of support and love, the team may consider brining them back more often or eventually making it a staple gamemode once the playerbase has expanded.

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Originally posted by BOUNTYBOOTreddit

What about the TDM mode they announced before?

Still being looked into!

17 days ago - /u/UbiMorning - Direct link

Originally posted by joelecamtar

I have played 75% of my time in solo mode and removing it is imo .. the good call.

This wouldnt even be a question if the playerbase wasn’t so small, but this had to be done so the squad mode remains playable with a decent amount of players

Thank you for your understanding!

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Originally posted by JinpackGG

Any plans on limiting the use of invis/armor combo? Maybe like make it so players can only carry 1 hack from each type. It could be divided into something like deffensive, mobility, offansive. I have stopped playing a month ago mostly because I had enough of players running armor/invis. When a good player does it, it was so hard to kill them since they also land a riot one shot in between activating hacks. I have been eagerly waiting for a change on that topic. This will be more of an issue more than before to me because there won't be solos anymore since this combo gets stronger in the squad mode.

I am just curious if there are any plans on making a change on this or whether this is considered as an issue by the dev team?

This is something that has been brought up to the team! The team is keeping an eye on Hack data and looking into Inivs/Armor usage.

17 days ago - /u/UbiMorning - Direct link

Originally posted by K1f0

Would really love to have Solo/Duo game modes to be permanent in the future! Otherwise great changes!. Keep up the great work!

I think the dev team would like this as well! We will just have to wait :)

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Originally posted by drownwithin_

Overall I'm disappointed, I'll be completely honest. During Beta and Season 1, you were much more willing to do big changes to the weapons, and all I'm seeing is changes for aim assist for the most part. Damage fall off for some guns was not even needed, the Ripper for example is no longer going to be something I use for longer range. People who melted me with the Riot One were already within 100m so that change essentially does nothing, coupled with the fact that a lot of skilled Riot users are already on keyboard and mouse so the hip fire change also does nothing. The Mammoth fall off should have been included with the damage nerf in mid season 1, so I'm glad it's finally included. No changes to the Skybreaker, which many people complain about. A Sniper buff is absolutely not something we needed imo, and it's just going to accelerate a return to the Protocol meta we were suffering with during Beta. The Harpy fall off is probably the only weapon change I'm happy with as it stands, on paper.

I'm also not seeing any of the things you mentioned for bringing in new players and helping them stay in the game. In the Dev video you mentioned that the second chance mode won't even be available at season 2 launch, making people wait AGAIN for something to keep this game alive. There's no Tutorial mentioned, which is badly needed for new players to learn the basic concepts of the game, and the Team Deathmatch mode isn't mentioned anywhere, unless you guys meant Faction Wars which is not the same as a Deathmatch mode.

I'm scared for the future of this game. I'm afraid these patch notes don't do a lot to give me hope for the longevity of Hyper Scape. I already play much less than I did during beta and the first weeks of Season 1, from every day down to maybe 1 or 2 days a week if I'm feeling like it. It seems like a lot of work went into the ranking system, which imo at this time with the fragile state of the game, I think will hurt more than help. New Players will be discouraged by loading into every game and getting melted by Plat, Diamond, and Champion players, and will leave the game quicker than they even did before. Average skilled players like myself who will likely sit in the mid tiers Gold/Platinum will be even less encouraged to continue, as very skilled players who make it to Diamond and Champion will continue the grind to keep their ranks high, and therefore the lobbies will remain sweaty.

tl;dr I'm not impressed, I'm afraid I'm looking at the death of Hyper Scape.

edit: Also leaving the hacks largely untouched is a big mistake imo, the Heal, Armor, and Invisible meta is extremely prevalent and makes chasing and finishing kills even harder to accomplish aside from the already above-average movement in the game. I'm disappointed to not see at least a cooldown increase for Heal, and I was looking more towards including a universal cooldown between hacks so that you aren't able to chain armor into invis, i.e. a 2 or 3 second delay after one hack ends before you can activate your other hack. I'm happy to see the magnet return, but the fact that Platform will only be a limited time hack available during Floor is Lava LTM is also a big disappointment.

I appreciate you sharing your initial thoughts!

During Beta and Season 1, you were much more willing to do big changes to the weapons, and all I'm seeing is changes for aim assist for the most part.

During Open Beta, specifically with Patch 0.5, the team learned that they need to take a more incremental approach to changes instead of throwing the throttle into overdrive. It is beneficial to make changes in small doses to gather proper data to ensure something is not being overturned too much. This also doesn't mean that the team isn't willing to push things even further. It is not like these things are not on the radar for the team, but they are trying to be careful to not do too much at once. They have been cross-referencing community feedback with backend data and deciding where to go from there,

I'm also not seeing any of the things you mentioned for bringing in new players and helping them stay in the game.

The things we mentioned in the Dev Highlight and in the Future of Hyper Scape blog post did not necessarily mean they would come with the launch of Season 2. The team is hard at work looking at several different approaches they would like to take. As mentioned in the blog post, the team is also working on more frequent updates for this season. The LTM playlist was our first initiative, which includes the second chance mechanic the team would like to test out. These initiatives require big changes to the game that, again, the dev team would like to be careful with. The game is obviously in a critical state which is why they are being extra careful. These types of issues can't necessarily be solved in one patch and require some iterations based on feedback.

Also leaving the hacks largely untouched is a big mistake imo, the Heal, Armor, and Invisible meta is extremely prevalent and makes chasing and finishing kills even harder to accomplish aside from the already above-average movement in the game

The dev team has been monitoring the usage of each of these hacks, especially Armor/Invis combinations. This isn't something that has not been forgotten. The team will be keeping an eye on the Hack meta evolution with the introduction of Magnet and Atrax. As stated in the Patch Notes, the return of Magnet threw off the introduction of Platform. The team would like to give Magnet some breathing room to see how it will do before introducing Platform fully, which is why it is only in LTMs like Floor is Lava currently.

17 days ago - /u/UbiMorning - Direct link

Originally posted by xSaidares

No riot one nerf for PC?????? Goodbye PC playerbase

The team will continue to monitor the Riot's usage after the introduction of damage drop-off. As we have talked about before, the team likes to make incremental changes rather than doing way too much at once.

17 days ago - /u/UbiMorning - Direct link

Originally posted by LordOfBrightnes

Veeery great


U mean platform is a limited time hack?

Pls dont remove it i think its very cool

As mentioned in the Dev Notes, with Magnet coming back, the team would like to give Magnet some time to shine with the rest of the Hacks before adding another hack at the same time. However, you will be able to test out magnet first in Floor is Lava!

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Originally posted by joelecamtar

Nothing to improve live event visibility ? Still getting killed by melee event because of the poor announcing

This has been previously flagged to the team! I personally have this issue with Lethal Melee as well :P

17 days ago - /u/UbiMorning - Direct link

Originally posted by GirlWithABush

Nothing about aiming on console rip

We are still monitoring feedback from the community on this! As mentioned above, an exponential curve is being worked on. Any other feedback is welcomed if you have not already shared it.

Links in this thread

Hyper Scape: Where We Are, and Where We Are Going
The Hyper Scape team provides a look into where they are taking the game in the months ahead.