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Dear u/UbiMorning, u/UbiArcane, u/Ubi-AJ, the game is utterly dead right now, to the point where even a major update will not generate the slightest bit of Hype. I am fairly confident your internal player count data reflects this, though feel free to prove me wrong.

Ubisoft needs to go back to the drawing board and essentially start over for this game to have any semblance of a future. If they don't, I fear it will end up as empty as the MP mode on Ghost recon: Wildlands.

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I can assure you the rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated! ;)

The Open Beta is finished so there is no way to access the game currently. We will be back on August 11th with the launch of Season 1 on PC and Consoles.

Thanks a million :)