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will this get fixed ??

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Originally posted by Kearnsy

It's been on the bug report page for several months now, be patient.

As stated on the bug report for the bug the team has not been able to reproduce this issue. The team has been requesting clips from players impacted by this issue to help with the reproduction process for this bug. If the team can't reproduce it, there's not much to go off of in terms of identifying the issue.

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Thanks , Where to submit videos?

If you have any right now, I can pass them along! Otherwise, you can share them [with the support team with any details on how it happened.](support.ubi.com/Cases/New) The team prefers clips showing what happened just before the bug started to get an understanding of any inputs you might have done to cause the bug.

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Originally posted by Rygiic

I recreated theses clips in one game if you need help with future bugs and not being able to recreate them let me know and I'll gladly help

I actually had more clips though my elgato doesn't like to work so if you need more clips let me know

The bug seems to occur after the use of a hack or just trying to fire in general during the reload animation during a public match.

Note: I did try to recreate this glitch in the training arena but I assume because of the lack of players and map that has to be generated that the Skybreaker acts as usual but when exposedto other elements like players shooting and hack usage the Skybreaker seems to break.




Thank you! I've passed the link along. I'll let you know if the team needs any further info!

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