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And it's gone.

Toxic sticky gun isn't content.

Give us a new map or rotating deathmatch mode in arcade.

Revamp the challanges with legendary skins as rewards. Make them difficult to get.

Add a 1v1 arena in the training area for friends

What's with these developers? So cookie cutter not wanting to create anything fun.

They need to hire a ton more people and shake up the creative team. I'd be pissed if I was executive producer, virtually putting out vaporware and calling them new seasons.

Look at overwatch, apex, warzone.

Whoever is funding this game should be firing people in my opinion. I hate to say that but it's blatantly obvious now.

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I don't really understand how a new gun isn't considered content nor a LTM playlist with different types of modes and sizes.

Riot usage is being monitored by the team. The team would like to see how the damage drop off and ADS vs hipfire changes will impact the Riot's usage. The team can make adjustments where needed but just wants to collect accurate data.

About Solos:

The change here is to better manage our player community without splitting them between too many playlists at once. The goal is also to give a clearer game mode option for our more competitive players while also providing the Arcade area for those looking for less pressure in their experience.

1v1 arena with the training area has been previously suggested. The team is interested in making adjustments to the training area as a whole, like moving bots.

When you say challenges, so you meant the challenges that give you Battle Pass XP? What kind of challenges are you specifically looking for?

The team has also mentioned they are interested in making adjustments to the current map.