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Seriously, it's like every other game one of my team mates is playing on a runway with jet fighters constantly taking off
And to make it worse, i can't mute them until i'm done loading into the lobby, i just have to suffer through it

I've been playing since the first beta and i still can't understand this design choice
Nobody wants to hear their team mates eating, breathing, hear their music or TV blasting at full volume, their family arguing or literally anything else, ESPECIALLY in a game where situational awareness is important

And honestly, i think most of those people aren't even aware their mic is on until you tell them, and they wouldn't want their team mates to hear something personal, or possibly important

Yes, i know, i could just change my settings to not hear my team
But it's a team game, i shouldn't have to do that

Please Ubi just flip the switch, there's no way this isn't a very easy and quick fix at least on PC

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From the Patch Notes:

The default voice channel was changed to “Party Only (Private)”. This will be effective for all newly created accounts (i.e. existing accounts will keep their current setting).

Developer Comment: This change is being done to reduce disruptive mic interactions for players who prefer to rely on the ping system to coordinate with random squadmates.

The suggestion to have PTT as default has been previously suggested as well.

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Originally posted by Michou_alacreme

Party Only doesn't fix the problem at all for me though
Instead of often having people making noise and sometimes good communication, i would just have nothing at all

Did you mean PTT or does PTK mean something i don't know about?

Yeah I meant PTT. I am tired, sorry D:

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