2 months ago - KissingAiur - Direct link

It should work if you look at the tooltip while spinning with a 2 hander, though I think it’s actually boost global melee damage with a 2 hander equipt verse just warpath last time I looked. Not sure if that intentional.

2 months ago - KissingAiur - Direct link

Shouldn’t this be fixed regardless since even by it’s wording it shouldn’t work like this? You never know what other interactions we will get in the future which might interact with this function and be broken. Better to nip it in the butt now before it becomes a problem in the future.

16 days ago - KissingAiur - Direct link

Parrying Spin states that it gives block chance while spinning with a 2handed weapon. If you open your character sheet while using Warpath, with a 2handed weapon equipped, you should see your block chance/block effectiveness increase per points speced. This should be working correctly.

Reckless Combatant should also be working while spinning but currently gives you global melee damage but should be later corrected to apply locally to warpath only.

15 days ago - KissingAiur - Direct link

Reckless Combatant is providing a global change which is a mistake. Global changes don’t show unless the conditions are met, in this case while spinning. Once this issue is addressed it should work as stated.