17 days ago - KissingAiur - Direct link

I would argue we did not give them a slight nerf but a pretty hefty one last patch. We targeted Bone Spires in particular giving them 34% less damage and reduce the rate at which they fall by 20%.

You mentioned you got one shot with 2k health but can you give me more information? What build were you playing? What defensive do you have? Empowered or non empowered monolith? What amount of corruption do you have?

We want to keep spires to feel impactful and dangerous but not punishing for geared players.

17 days ago - KissingAiur - Direct link

Feel free to DM me the video of the spire death, it would help me to understand what happened. I have tested the spires in actual play myself but I did find this particular one a little spooky but this was before the recent nerf.

We can certainly look into reducing the damage again or see if there is another alternative, such as reducing the projectile speed of the bone spikes so it’s easier to dodge.