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what would he even do as a champ tbh ? make your ad carry drink shimmer and become a juggernaut that can't be 1v1d by the other support ? what about the 3 other spells ?

He feels too "normal" to be a champ imo and seeing him do some insane shit would betray his portrayal in the show.

Most important part to me is that apparently, there could be TFT units that aren't even part of runeterra in the future

This basically nails the reason why we have no current plans to bring Silco to LoL. His silhouette for one would not even be close to passing our unique silhouette bar, which is very important for gameplay clarity in LoLMoba (We believe you should be able to quickly recognize who a champion is regardless of which skin they are using by seeing their silhouette) He also doesn't have a clear source of power that would translate into a good League kit. We could attempt to solve both of those problems, but in doing so he would likely be so different from who he was in the show that he wouldn't be the character everyone fell in love with anymore. Not saying these aren't problems they could maybe be solved one day, just saying we have no current plans or pursuing Silco in LoLMoba

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You are sitting on a potential goldmine with how popular arcane is rn, and your reasoning is... clarity? With all due respect, that whole silhouette argument was thrown out the window years ago with all the skins we have these days. Hell, I have to rely on sound cues to even make out certain abilities due to how unclear the VFX is on certain skins.

The reasoning wasn't clarity alone. It was that to solve clarity and giving him a source of power to fight with we would risk betraying who he was on the show, just to force him to fit into LoLMoba. Once again, not saying we will never bring Silco to LoL, just that we currently don't have any plans to do it.

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Fair enough. Are there plans for a champion roadmap soon? We’ve gone a while without a new information regarding champ releases.

Very soon yes. We will be doing another video form Champion roadmap at Season start

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hello, I would like to know (if it is not a bother) when you propose to do a rework do you have a stipulated release date from the beginning? , or do they only release it when you decide they are done?

When we decide they are done