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26 Feb


Originally posted by CM_DrunkenCereBRO

I’m here for you commander!

Oh and btw idrummer3 we are as low as we can get so far!


Originally posted by iDrummer3

You are the REAL undisputed community manager.

I’m here for you commander!


I resent your comment about me!


Originally posted by sarge199082

Ok some people might have him unlocked getting good orb fragment drops and getting lucky drops from orbs but how much grinding had it had to be to get him unlocked and how much grinding as well is it to get to the monthly item?

Why do feel entitled to every character for free or super easy commander?

24 Feb


Originally posted by PlaylistMasterRCM

While the 1% already has him unlocked and 7 starred.

This is the way

22 Feb


Originally posted by Reddit-Ninja-1234

Pepperidge farm remembers Thanosgiving…

Pepperidge farms remembers….

Thanosgiving was the best middle finger ever. #neverforget

20 Feb

19 Feb


Oh that’s cute you think they care about you. Seriously. Are you that gullible?


That’s cute you think they commander!

18 Feb

17 Feb