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01 Jul

30 Jun


Originally posted by Sithuriel2

No friday free claim in the webstore right now...

Thanks for reporting, I'm looking into it now...


Hi all, the weekly blog is pretty chunky this week with a number of important graphics. Also, the copy/paste functionality of reddit has somehow changed, making the formatting askew. Please view the blog on the website, thanks:

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EDIT: added missing text calling out two more leaderboards in July; so three in total.

We, the Marvel Strike Force team, have heard your feedback. We are considering the issues and concerns raised by you, the community, including our Player Voice Council. We hope all of you are excited about some of the positive changes we believe we are bringing to the game for July and beyond!

Slower Character Releases and MORE REWORKS!!!

For new characters, we’re ensuring a longer window between releases. Moving forward, we are targeting three new characters per month, going back to our historical averages, whereas we've been releasing closer to four per month recently. We’re also establishing a more predictable schedule of when character shards will become more accessible after their initial release - these details will be shared with you soon.

For character reworks, the team has shifted gears to focus more on updating older characters a...

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29 Jun


Super Skrull has been released! The amazing player, Beta Ray Bill, has topped the Dark Dimension leaderboards as the winner of the First-Clear challenge of Dark Dimension VI! A hearty “congratulations” to Beta Ray Bill for this monumental achievement, as it kickstarts the first-clear celebration of activities and rewards for all players. We’re not ruling out that the introduction of the character Beta Ray Bill may have been an omen of good fortune.

Please view this recent blog entry for a full list of what to expect in the celebration. Keep your eyes on the weekly developer blogs each Friday at 2:00 PM (P...

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28 Jun

27 Jun


EDIT: The delivery of the Alpha Raid keys and energy will, unfortunately, be delayed until tomorrow. We apologize for the setback and will continue to keep you updated.

Today, keys for the Alpha Raid will be delivered to Alliances that didn’t receive their total amount yesterday and thus were unable to launch. There is a visual-only issue where the incorrect number of keys may be displayed if you haven’t yet launched an Alpha Raid. This will be corrected when the next iteration of the Alpha Raid begins.

The cap for Alpha Raid Keys will be temporarily increased (for the next few weeks) from 30,000 to 45,000 to ensure Alliances can use all the keys. Some extra Alpha Raid Energy will be sent to players in the affected Alliance through two staggered Inbox messages (so you don’t feel you must use it all now).

We greatly appreciate your patience while we worked quickly to address this issue. Have fun smashing the Alpha Raid nodes and earning those rewards!

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There's currently an issue where keys for the Alpha Raid were not properly distributed. The team is investigating and we'll keep you updated...

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26 Jun


The final day of the Dark Dimension VI Countdown Calendar isn’t granting the full amount of Orb Fragments. The team understands that Dark Dimension VI is starting soon, thus is working quickly to send the missing rewards as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated with pertinent news.

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23 Jun

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