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12 Jul

11 Jul


There’s an issue with the S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass where claiming the Inbox tokens won’t grant progress. This can occur when a player is active in-game, the Pass goes live, the player goes to the Inbox, selects the “S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass Live” message, and collects the tokens. To mitigate this, the Inbox message with the tokens will be delivered at 8:00 PM (PDT), which is six hours after it normally would. Players affected by this on Tuesday have been sent the missing tokens.

The bug will be fixed in the next major client update, Version 7.3.0, expected in early August. The Inbox messages with S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass tokens will be delayed until 8:00 PM, up to the next version release.

We greatly appreciate your patience in the interim. Be sure to check out the new wild event Also, An Alligator featuring Loki (Teen) and his reptilian counterpart!

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10 Jul

07 Jul

06 Jul


We’re happy to announce two handy quality-of-life improvements will be added shortly to the game to upgrade your daily play.

  • Advanced Option (toggle on/off) - Vibrate Device if Inactive After Loading Completes & Combat Completes (on supported devices). This feature will assist in reminding you of your activity when your attention is diverted from the device you’re playing on.
  • Roster trait filter in the character screen. When viewing an individual character screen in the Roster, tap/select the traits in the upper right (below the Power number) to filter for all characters that share the selected traits. This will make it easier to find characters and build teams with similar traits.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with these features and/or have suggestions on further improving them. Enjoy!

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05 Jul

04 Jul

01 Jul


FYI, a minor edit was made which added missing text calling out two more leaderboards in July; so three in total.

30 Jun


Originally posted by Sithuriel2

No friday free claim in the webstore right now...

Thanks for reporting, I'm looking into it now...


Hi all, the weekly blog is pretty chunky this week with a number of important graphics. Also, the copy/paste functionality of reddit has somehow changed, making the formatting askew. Please view the blog on the website, thanks:

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