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17 Feb


Originally posted by GeminiLife

Stop. Giving. Scopely. Your. Money.

Like christ guys. Brand new triple aaa games are 60-70.

You could do so many other things that are actually worth $50.

Like whiteclaw slushies


Originally posted by Randvek

Why y’all buying offers at all? Has nobody learned their lesson?



You could spend that $50 on white claw slushies instead and have a far superior gaming experience then unlocking kang for $100


Originally posted by mr_math24

Do you not understand the concept of a streak?

To be fair. We are giving scopely a lot of credit for not bugging their streak function…..

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05 Feb


Originally posted by Kara_Del_Rey

Absolutely. u/CM_Cerebro lied about it awhile back, saying they discourage it, but its pretty blatantly intended. And even with hoarding, none of these events are realistically complete-able.

My sober alter ego lie? Never!!!!

04 Feb