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23 Jun


Originally posted by hulksmash50

What about the login calendar showing several times per day for months? Will you ever fix that?

Yes. I am personally bugging the team about this one and will continue to do so until it's resolved.


The team is currently investigating several reported issues introduced in Version 7.2.0. We’ll update this list in real-time as issues are addressed.

Fixed in Version 7.2.1, now available for download
- Anomaly Detected error message occurs when using the new Gear Tier multi-upgrade feature to gain multiple levels simultaneously.

Other Issues
- Anomaly Detected error message can occur when loading into War.
- Auto-claim of Inbox Rewards not automatically claiming for all players.
- Watching a Cosmic Crucible replay can cause the next player-started battle to have missing UI elements and display a combat error message. The CC Replay feature likely will be disabled while we’re investigating.
- A player can set the profile portrait of an unlocked character, visible to other players in Chat. This will be fixed in a future client (new version) release.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we work quickly to address these issues, and we...

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22 Jun


Thanks for reporting. Is this happening with all characters you've tried?

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