22 days ago - Luxendra - Direct link

Just to confirm, did you check the “quest items” section in the inventory? The section is at the very bottom.

21 days ago - Luxendra - Direct link

Thanks y’all! The team is aware and looking into this issue.

In the meantime, I did see someone post a suggestion that worked for someone else. I’ll quote it below:

so i joined party with a friend. HE played the song with me standing beside him. My char danced while he played but I GOT CREDIT for the quest.

If anyone else can try it, let me know if that at least works as a workaround. Thank you!

21 days ago - Delakron - Direct link

Hi all! We appreciate the reports and apologize for this significant issue with the event quests. We are testing a fix internally over the weekend and hope to fast-track a patch very soon. Please sit tight – thanks for your patience!