18 days ago - Luxendra - Direct link

From my knowledge “The Tempest Heart” is the last main story questline currently available. I will double-check though.

Update: I double-checked. It’s currently the last main story questline. You will not get any more until a new one is released from what I understand.

3 days ago - Critias - Direct link

@AbuLincolnChan Sorry if there’s some confusion floating around out there somewhere. I suspect it originates from some data-mining, perhaps pulled from an older build. The quests “In Soul, In Stone” and “Finally, Exhale” do exist, but they’re currently locked because they require players to venture into an Expedition that’s not yet been released. Yseult should offer the side story quest “The Illurmin Rift” as long as you’ve reached level 58 and completed the quest “Pushing Back” offered by Warden Reese, but that is independent of the Main Story Quests.