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Thanks for the feedback on how scoring works in Outpost Rush! Teams accrue points two ways; holding outposts and killing other players. But as an individual, you gain points by doing a wide variety of activities throughout the match. We aren’t quite satisfied with how individual scoring works right now so we are investigating changes that would modify those calculations to better reward players for damaging other players and enemies, much like how healing your teammates works today. These changes should allow you to hop right into the action without having to worry about hitting the contribution threshold as that will happen a lot more naturally.

4 days ago - Chardis - Direct link

I’d like players to play as naturally as possible without having to worry about getting the killing blow. With the scoring changes I suggested above, if you dealt the most damage to the enemy then you’ll get score representative of that contribution to the kill. Hopefully that would solve the existing pain point and encourage players to focus less on killing blows and more on killing the enemy team!

4 days ago - Chardis - Direct link

We’re definitely aware of this and we agree that capturing and defending the control points should award players with score points for doing so. This is a change we want to make in the future but it’s a bit more involved, so we don’t have a timeline for this change to share with you at the moment.

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I appreciate the ongoing conversation!

Reminder that kindess gets us all much futher in life then being rude, condescending or name calling. We’re all wanting to make the game more enjoyable for us all! :grin:

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We haven’t responded to it directly yet but we’re definitely listening to the feedback you’ve all given on killing blows and how they impact scoring.

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