about 1 month ago - Luxendra - Direct link

Hey there! We’ve seen a lot of posts asking for more communication and I couldn’t agree more. Trevzor, Mugsy, and I have been trying to be more active in the forums recently and we have a few other forms of communications in the works that would address some of your concerns like a bug tracker and a better way to view communications from the team.

For now, I know it’s not the most optimal solution, but we do have a Dev tracker that tracks all Community Manager and Developer responses as well as the Official News section where we post all downtimes, updates, and notices. We also do have an official Discord server where we interact daily as well.

I agree, it’s not enough, especially when we aren’t able to provide the specific information you’re looking for but it’s something we really want to be able to improve going forward.

about 1 month ago - Luxendra - Direct link

We’re actually working on solidifying patch note information and when it’s finalized, we’ll be posting it in our Official News section.

And I get you. I don’t like repeating myself as much as you don’t like hearing me repeat things but a lot of these changes aren’t something that happens overnight. The only thing we can actively do right now is know that you are being heard and that we understand your frustration in communication while internally working on processes to improve communications going forward.

Edit: I just realised I replied to the wrong person and I’m sorry.

about 1 month ago - Luxendra - Direct link

We do have a Discord! Join us here: Amazon Games. We talk pretty much daily there as well.

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Unfortunately, Community folks aren’t able to help you with this kind of issue, you will need to contact Customer Support.