about 1 year ago - Shadow_Fox - Direct link

Hey all!

I’m currently going through and gathering a few questions for the team to look at concerning the fresh start servers.

Anything you’re wondering about?
We won’t be able to answer them all but it’s great to know what you’re questioning.

12 months ago - Kay - Direct link

This is still being decided but it will be anywhere from at least 6 months to possibly forever. The same goes for merges.

12 months ago - Kay - Direct link

All regions will have at least one fresh start server. Specifics will be announced closer to Nov 2 so folks can plan, but for sure there will be at least one in each region along with a third character slot so everyone can join without having to choose which legacy character to delete.

12 months ago - Kay - Direct link

No, the plan is for these to either never merge or only merge with fresh start if we have to. This may change based on future info, but this is what we are planning.

12 months ago - Kay - Direct link

We are still gathering all the FAQs and will have updated comms closer to Nov 2. We wanted to get the date out first and foremost.

Alright that’s all from me for now, gotta get back into it…

12 months ago - Kay - Direct link

We do need an FAQ, because we would like to answer as many frequently asked questions as we can at once, in a meaningful way that is localized to the languages we support so everyone gets a chance to comfortably read through the responses that are most important to them.

The FAQ will be out close to Nov 2.

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