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Greetings Adventurers!

Please put any of your Server Transfer questions in this thread below! The team will do their best to answer your questions in the thread.

Link to the Server Transfer Update: Server Transfer update

Thank you!

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We are going to do our best to answer questions as they come up. Please be patient with our community team as we are gathering answers as quickly as possible.

Everyone will get one token per account. Each transfer requires a transfer token As per our post here our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free.

Transfers are only available within your region

We understand the frustration from this, unfortunately the original messaging provided was incorrect.

The restriction is going to be in place at this time

They are not permanent and will be updated over time.

Very carefully, I would imagine.

This statement is correct, you cannot have two characters in the same world set let alone in the same world.

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Definitely understand the frustration. We communicated that it was our goal to launch the feature this week and it isn’t ready yet. We will launch it as soon as possible.

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I think “lies” implies people are saying things they know to be false. For what it is worth, we are saying things we believe to be true at the time and circumstances change.

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This is a fair question and we’ll certainly discuss with the server team. If any of these requirements change we will communicate those updates.

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I apologize if it feels like we’re deflecting anger. We do understand these frustrations are totally valid. We were running fast and communicated that we’d be able to transfer data between regions but that information wasn’t accurate.
Different regions operate on separate databases and tagging a character to a new world isn’t possible.

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We communicated our goal for implementation but I can understand that feels like a promise.

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I will definitely follow up with the team to see if there is any potential of region to region transfers in the future.

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Sorry, I was responding to a different statement. I was referring to our target time to deploy character transfers.

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I definitely hear the concerns which gwynhara summarized well.

  • characters transfers between regions was communicated as possible and as a result people made decisions they otherwise would not have made, is there a way to address this in addition to the planned character transfers described today
  • the status of some servers as full will prevent people from freely migrating between worlds to play with friends. is there a way to lift these statuses during the transfer window
  • transfers within the same world set as another character on your account would also give folks more options to move to play with friends

I will discuss with the team and communicate any updates on these topics.

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The team is working around the clock and have been since launch to improve the server situation as much as possible. We have added many new worlds, we are working on increased server capacity, implemented server full status so that new players aren’t putting people with existing characters at the end of an even longer queue, and are working hard to make the best character transfer options available.

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You can have one character per world set. If you have a character in any world set, you cannot move another character there. You basically blocking your self from that world set.

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Sorry, I clarified my statement to hopefully be less confusing.

As long as you aren’t blocked by another character on your account, you can move to any available server in your region.

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Absolutely, have started the discussion.

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You should not have any issues moving to their server.

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If anything changes we will update right away. Our team is working around the clock, including weekends.

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I understand folks are frustrated and their feelings are valid.
At launch we weren’t prepared enough for the volume of players we saw. We started running hard and fast to get as many people in and playing as possible. Then we wanted to make sure folks who had characters on a world wouldn’t lose access to playing them as even more people piled into queues to play, so we started marking servers as full. We have stood up a lot of worlds since launch 10 days ago, but some worlds still had very large queues while others had none. As folks landed in whatever servers were available to them character transfer plans became the next focus. After a miscommunication we said transfer would be possible between regions, there are technical reasons this isn’t possible.
Again I understand folks are upset and invested in the hours already played in game, balanced with their desire to play with friends, and not have to wait in queues. We are continuing to work to solve these issues the best we can. This character transfer is not the end of that effort. Just another way to reduce these issues for some players.
We will keep working very hard to make sure all our players feel their concerns have been addressed and they are happily playing.

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I am definitely out of my depth on those tech details but we understand this is important to understand I will work with the team to see if additional information can help shed light on the challenges.

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Good question, I will find out.

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I understand people are frustrated about early miscommunications around region to region transfers. We provided information that ended up being inaccurate, and we don’t take that lightly.

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We understand there have been a lot of challenges with servers and the team is working around the clock to make improvements. We have added a large volume of new worlds, we are working to increase server capacity, we have added the full server functionality to prevent new players from creating characters on over-populated servers, we’re going to provide character transfers and we’ll continue to work with the community to solve any outstanding issues.
If you want a refund please contact the place you purchased the game.

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The team is working around the clock to improve the situation with servers in a variety of ways. But unfortunately, we aren’t able to transfer characters region to region.

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Full server status is measured by total daily active players day over day. We review the status of these servers multiple times a day.

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These are great questions and I’ll work with the team to update the FAQ above with answer.

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When a server is marked full, it is because it has a threshold of daily active players and we prevent new accounts from creating characters there to reduce wait times for people who already have active characters they are playing on that server. We track the volume of active players to determine if a server is “full”.

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I will absolutely surface this request to the team.

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It is 12am here and I am calling it a day. Tomorrow morning I will return to this thread, capture all open questions, work with the team to post updated answers. I will also be sure to capture and ideas or suggestions on how to improve the situation for you, for example the folks requesting XP boosts on any new characters created.
I understand that there are folks who none of the solutions we’ve provided so far have helped much and we’ll continue working very hard to find ways to address your issues.

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I will follow up with the team on this suggestion.
Would two tokens be very helpful?

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Hey everyone, I wanted to just confirm that we’re continuing to monitor this thread, collect your questions and feedback, and will provide answers as soon as possible.

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Hey everyone,

We understand that everyone is super hungry for information and the team is actively collecting and trying to find answers for all of the questions we don’t have answers to yet and the dev team is hustling to get the transfer system all ready.

Unfortunately, at this time we have no new answers to share. I can, however, assure you that once we do have information you will certainly be getting it.

I know it is hard to remain patient while you wait for Server Transfers, I’m just as hungry for the information as you all are. Whenever we happen to get that information to share, we definitely will be.

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Typically we set up road signs on all platforms to point at critical information.
So when we have news we’ll publish on either the website (if we can localize in all languages in time) or the forums and use social to point at the post.
We’ll also return to this thread and point folks to any updates.

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We know the situation is upsetting and we completely sympathize.

There is going to be more information about transfers coming out soon including time frames and answers for most of not all of the questions that have been put into this thread.

Wait is almost over.

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Hey folks,

As mentioned above we have shared an updated on server transfers.

TLDR - Server transfers are tested and ready to ship. We realized a lot of folks missed play time earlier this week due to our extended downtime for our weekly release, so we wanted to make sure everyone’s weekend was uninterrupted and we’ll roll out transfers this coming week.

We have been collecting all your questions from this thread and many other places and we’ll have an FAQ to share on Monday.

Also, we know there has been some confusion about transferring between regions, and we want to address that.

We will give one free server transfer token to all players this coming week. This token will allow players to move their character to another world in the same region, so those in higher population worlds can relocate to a lower population world if they choose.

As we worked quickly to explain our plans, we moved too fast and accidentally communicated inaccurate information. We initially told players that server transfers between regions would be possible. Unfortunately, this is not currently the case.

As a result, some players created a character in a different region than where they intended to play long term. This situation is our fault, and we both apologize and understand our responsibility to correct it. We will find a way to address this for those characters affected.

We are currently examining what is involved to deliver cross-region transfers. We can’t yet supply an estimated timeframe, other than as soon as possible.

Cross-region transfers may be a limited solution to address the currently affected players as quickly as possible, so going forward players should only create characters in the region where they intend to play them long term.

When we finish the work on cross-region transfers we will determine whether it is available for long-term use.

I know this experience has been frustrating and confusing. I appreciate everyone’s patience and support. The team has been working extremely hard to address your concerns. I know that sometimes in development the time delay between request and action is very unsatisfying and again i want to thank you for your patience and assure you we care tremendously about these issues and we are paying very close attention to your needs and wants. We may not have daily updates on the situation but that does not mean we are not making daily progress.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and for some of you this will be your last days on your current servers, hope you have fun until then.

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I will personally make sure that’s on the FAQ. Reviewing right now.

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Folks in the thread did request two token in this initial transfer window and I shared that feedback with the team.

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Please continue to post any questions you have and we’ll be sure to answer in our FAQ prior to transfers launching this week.

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Hey everyone,
We have answers from the dev team to many of the questions that we have pulled from this thread! You can find them below:

Q: How many times will we be able to transfer for free? Will we be able to pay for server transfers after using the free tokens?
A: The initial release includes one transfer token, which is single use. We will continue to monitor the server populations, and if transfers result in uneven distribution that causes queues we will issue new sets of tokens where needed.

Q: When will “full” servers open for transfer? Will there be any monitoring of these servers to see whether or not they should be opened/closed depending on the flow of transfers?
*A: We monitor full status on a daily basis with changes as recently as today. “Full” doesn’t indicate a server that always has queues, it indicates a server that during typical peak usage has a substantial queue. We will be relaxing Full status on many worlds when transfers start, to allow the most flexibility possible. After transfers have slowed down we will re-evaluate which worlds might still need the designation.

Q: Is there a potential for regional transfers to come in the future?
A: There is potential, yes, and we are working on it now. Cannot provide an ETA because it is a very different process, but when we realized we had created confusion on this, we felt we owed it to the community to find a solution.

Q: Will all members of a large company be able to transfer over? Do we have a cap of how many people can transfer over to a certain server?
A: There is no technical limit to the number of characters that can transfer to a server. We also have addressed an issue that made moving a Company difficult: starting with the release of Server Transfers, when the last person leaves a Company it will be treated as abandoned and the name will be available seconds later. Note: you should NOT rename your Company if you intend to transfer it. That will make the old name unavailable on a new server. Full emptying the Company so it is abandoned will free the name up for re-use.

However large Companies should consider the implications of moving as a group to a busy server; this could cause the server to be Full status after the move. We will warn a full day ahead of time on any Full status changes in the first week of Server Transfers being available so as to not surprise anyone with a status change.

Q: Are there any plans on adding new worlds to x region/world set/recommended language?
A: As New World continues to attract new players we will evaluate server populations and open new servers as necessary, including making sure there is always a non-Full option for supported languages. We’ll also merge servers if needed to provide the best game play experience - even both at the same time (new servers and merged servers) as conditions require.

Q: Is there a time limit/time frame players need to use this token by?
A: No, it is available permanently on the account until used.

Q: Will we be expanding server capacity in addition to server transfers?
A: We’re always interested in providing the largest capacity that provides the best gameplay environment. We’ll increase here, as long as we are sure it doesn’t degrade gameplay - as many observant players have noticed, we are already experimenting with that on some servers. Also, as time goes on the world of Aeturnum will get larger, and that would allow better balance room for even more players.

Q: Are the tokens 1 per account or 1 per character?
A: Tokens are one per account. If we find transfers have created an imbalance on particular servers, we can re-issue tokens for those affected.

Q: Will we be able to move within the same world set?
A: Yes, you are able to transfer your character to a different world in the same world set.

Q: For players who are unable to transfer their character to their proper region, will there be some sort of xp boost or compensation available?
A: We heard the feedback from those affected by this issue and started work on cross-region transfers based on it. Unfortunately this will not be in the first release of transfers, but it is coming as soon as we can get it completed.

Q: Will we be able to provide an infographic ahead of time to help companies and players on their server transfer plans?
A: Yes, we are releasing an infographic with the most up to date, relevant information along with the transfer feature to help our players decide on the world they wish to transfer to,. We will update it daily afterwards for as long as seems necessary.

Q: Why did we make character and company names global if we can’t transfer across regions?
A: As mentioned, we are actually working on transferring between regions right now, so having global names will prevent some confusion that otherwise would have occurred. Companies also will be able to transfer (after the last person leaves the Company on the origin server, the name will become available - this is being delivered with Character Transfer).

After transfers have been used by those most interested (particularly cross region), we will be considering whether to switch naming limitations to per-region.

Q: Will there be a way to determine faction demographics on a server before transferring?
A: There is no out-of-game way to achieve this currently. Transfers themselves as well as players choosing to change factions could change demographics considerably, so any sample taken ahead of time might be misleading.

Q: How will town projects function if they are not on the same town board?
A: Transferred characters can still turn in town project quests that are in progress.

Q: Can you open the window of when you can transfer for longer so that if you do unlock the locked servers it gives people chance to get in?
A: Tokens are permanent until they are used (one use per token).

Q: Do you remain in your faction or will you have a chance to go to a different faction? What if I have already changed factions once before transferring?
A: Your faction status will be the same after transferring.

Q: If we own a region on our current server, will that affect our ability to delete the guild, if deleting the guild is required?
A: No, you can still remove all members from a Company that owns a territory.

Q: Can we get an answer on the go with high pop servers and transfers, especially in regards to the cases where people, have a character on the high pop server they wish to join, but have been focusing on a lower pop server for playtime. Can we delete existing character and transfer to that server with no troubles as the population will stay the same?
A: It will still be necessary to check the potential Full status on the server - if it is Full, you won’t be able to transfer to it even if you delete a character already on the server. Full isn’t set by number of characters, it’s set based on peak queue experience. We will be relaxing many Full status servers when transfers are released, and we will provide a full day warning on any server changing to Full status for several weeks after transfers are released, to prevent surprise moments of a server switching to Full (should that be necessary).

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I know the final resounding question is “transfers when?” and unfortunately I don’t have exact timing to share for that at this time other than what was announced last week which is “you can expect them this week.”

When I know the timing, you will also know the timing.

5 days ago - TrevzorFTW - Direct link

As soon as I get confirmation, this thread will get confirmation

5 days ago - TrevzorFTW - Direct link

Ooo… I don’t know. I’ll ask the team and see what they say and then update when I get an answer.

5 days ago - TrevzorFTW - Direct link

While the logic is sound, instead of assuming I am going to get exact clarification just in case.

5 days ago - NW_Mugsy - Direct link

Updated the FAQ in the original post, thanks for the feedback.

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I hope I can clarify.
You can move a character to a different world in the same world set it is already on. You cannot move a character onto a world set where you already have an existing character.

4 days ago - NW_Mugsy - Direct link

We posted the information on the forums, website, and social media as soon as everything was finalized and approved.

4 days ago - NW_Mugsy - Direct link

Please be sure to check our website for the latest updates on server transfers and incoming bug fixes - New World Update 1.0.3: Server Transfer Details - News | New World

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Just updated the main post with an infographic of the population sizes for each world per region.

3 days ago - Luxendra - Direct link

Hi everyone! Server transfers are live in all regions! With that, we’ll be closing down this thread. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding while we worked to release this feature!