21 days ago - Kay - Direct link

We are actively working on it but the possible fix for the one that was seen in Invasion isn’t verified as far as I’m aware.

There have been partial fixes made that address some but not all possible scenarios where perf can drop. Still and always will be a top priority for us, so keep the reports and info coming. Any details (time you saw the issue, impacted players, RTT and FPS, etc) and video you have is greatly appreciated.

4 days ago - DoJoDan - Direct link

Hi JakeL & tonisanich2, is it possible to get a video of your issues post 8/9 release, with FPS display turned on, and situations where a crash does not happen afterwords.

Please post a link to the video itself on a vimeo/youtube/ if possible. The streamable links expired.

3 days ago - DoJoDan - Direct link

Thanks. Videos with FPS turned on, and hardware specs, will help me look into this. Thank you very much for your support, sorry this is taking so long to figure out.

about 2 hours ago - DoJoDan - Direct link

Thank you!

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