about 1 year ago - Luxendra - Direct link

Hi everyone,

This afternoon our internal alarms and a player report indicated a trading exploit that we have not seen before. We understand the root cause of the problem and are working on a correction. While we address this issue we are actively banning players we see engaging with the trading exploit. We have disabled Player-to-Player Trading as a precautionary measure and will re-enable them as quickly as possible with a hot patch.

As a reminder, any player taking advantage of exploits will be penalised for violating our Code of Conduct.

Thank you for your understanding.

about 1 year ago - Shadow_Fox - Direct link

Quick update!

We are creating a build now with a fix, please bear in mind we will have to test that build to ensure no unintentional changes to be safe.

It’s our highest priority to get players back to normal in game trading.

Thanks for your patience!

about 1 year ago - Luxendra - Direct link

Hi everyone,

We are re-enabling player to player trading as we have fixed the core issue. Players currently banned will remain so until we are sure we have removed any exploitive gains or made their bans permanent. As a reminder, we have permanently banned players who severely abused these recent exploits.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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