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Hey everyone, thank you for voicing your concerns about this issue! I completely understand wanting to play solo, especially when you are not as comfortable to the game or your server’s social setting or maybe you just don’t have the time to find a group. I will bring these concerns up to the team to make sure that this sentiment is heard.

Thank you again for helping us improve New World! We appreciate your feedback.

almost 2 years ago - Critias - Direct link

Hey Everyone, just wanted to weigh in on this thread as we hear the concerns from many players and this has also been a source of some intense debates internally. Like you, several members of the development team are more inclined to solo-play, and of course, we all want the main story to be accessible and enjoyable by different types of players.

When we initially made this decision, the primary factor in choosing this direction was that Expeditions in New World offer the most high-fidelity PvE experiences in the game and they allow us the best tools for storytelling. We knew that this might be a turn-off for some people, but we weighed it out and decided that these quests were important for establishing “punctuation moments” in the main storyline. That said, we have discussed adding an alternative path to progressing the main story without requiring players to group up, and as we evolve the dynamics for our open-world quests and stories, we may have greater capability than ever to create these types of moments outside of Expeditions. The feedback and sentiments you have expressed here are invaluable because they really highlight the interest here, and help us decide how to prioritize going forward.

While we can’t commit to anything right now, we can definitely say that we will discuss and consider options for creating another path within the current main story quests, and that going forward, we’ll take these sentiments and a balance of playstyles into account when designing any new larger story beat quests. Thanks again to everyone who’s been expressing their thoughts and feedback here, and we will continue to watch and listen for more insights on how we can improve the experience.

almost 2 years ago - Critias - Direct link

Thanks for calling these quests out, @naamtar. We’ll look at the quests - and possibly the encounters as well - to see if they need to be re-tuned.

almost 2 years ago - Critias - Direct link

Hey folks, been following this thread for a while, and we are listening! On PTR now, we’ve added a soloable option to “Destiny Unearthed” that will allow you to acquire your Heartgem by other methods. Hope this helps those of you who’ve expressed frustration here. Note that you’ll still receive an orb for the Amrine Expediton that you can use at a later date if you’d like.

We’d welcome your feedback on these changes - more to come!

almost 2 years ago - Critias - Direct link

Not in this build, but… I can neither confirm for deny that this might be in the works as well.

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