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8.2.19 Update - Bigger matches are here!

about 2 months ago - Potts on Steam - Thread - Direct

A new patch is available for notmycar Early Access! This patch includes support for our new server updates, increasing the player cap to 50. This number may fluctuate in the future as we see matches play out. Also included are fixes for some lingering texture, audio, and collision issues.

Release Build 4.2.8989 Live

  • Support for larger matches - 50 player cap at the time of writing
  • Sped up the drop plane
  • Fixed issue with armor totals on all vehicles
  • New start locations around race track
  • Fixed large collision on oil rig concrete bases
  • Fixed messaging for banned players

  • Added new cosmetic classes/texts
  • Fixed gradient drone having the gorilla texture
  • ...
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