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22 Jul

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Originally posted by mackinurmom: itd be nice to be able to play. getting error code 9403. telling me to check my internet. when i obviously had to have internet to D/L the game 10 before hand....... dumb!

This probably has to do with your computer's internal clock being out of sync.

Navigate to your Date & time settings in Windows. Once there, find Set time automatically, it should be near the top. Untick this option, wait a moment, and then tick it again. This should force a clock sync and most likely solve your issue.

21 Jul

20 Jul

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It's official: after months of work, we're proud to announce that notmycar Season 2 is launching for free on Friday, July 26th!

Season 2 is bringing dozens of changes and additions, including new cosmetics, new challenges, and an all-new season pass to chase. In preparation for next Friday's launch, we've released a massive update today that brings with it many of the core changes and fixes that build the foundation of Season 2.

That also means that this week is the last chance you have to progress the Season 1 Pass and claim any of the exclusive cosmetics included in it! If you haven't dropped in for a while, now is one of the best times to see how far notmycar has come.

In the meantime, you should totally ... Read more

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31 May

    Potts on Steam - Thread - Direct
A new patch is now available for notmycar Early Access! Hotfix notes below:

  • Fixed a login error that was causing too many API calls and introducing online service throttling

The following are known issues with this patch that we are aware of:
  • Barrier ability doesn't use the correct placement orientation when in Free Aim mode
  • Players that disconnect during the match will leave their weapon behind in a non-functional state
  • Playing over WiFi may cause performance issues

Thank you for continuing to provide your detailed feedback and bug reports! You can send in feedback and reports directly to the developers in our official Discord[].

30 May

27 May

24 May