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Originally posted by Subzotic

Poll question 9 should be about the robe set but it looks like the Ancient Godsword question was duplicated.

I have fixed this, looks like the wrong question box was copied and pasted - thank you so much for raising this!

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Originally posted by OSRSlyfe

“Many players were under the impression that if the player moves more than 5 tiles away they wouldn’t be hit” .. well the explanation of “If the target does not move more than five tiles away before the timer ends, they'll be hit for 20 damage and the attacker will be healed for the same amount.” Was pretty vague.. but of course blame it on the players

I apologise as this is likely my fault if it was explained poorly in the Blog. Hopefully it makes sense now though? :)

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Originally posted by Makaveliarts

Buff crossbow please, it's spec is good but besides that is is basically equal DPS to a dragon crossbow

Hey there! Husky addressed a bit of the Crossbow feedback at 49:50 on our livestream here. I'd recommend checking his answer out. TLDR we're aware of feedback about this but we also think that the bow is really good. We're very happy to look at post-launch balancing feedback as well.

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Originally posted by Oozeinator

You guys addressed the complaints about the skinny look of the legs but I didn’t notice any mention of the other criticisms of the armour from a large portion of players.

Is the look of the armour set in stone or will there be a poll around different designs kind of like what has been done with other controversial item designs (scythe (or) design poll comes to mind)?

The Torva Armour is going to be Polled as it shown in the Blog. There's a few things to unpack here. We definitely heard player feedback about other details and we took it back to the team. But we also know that Art is subjective and every player has different preferences and tastes. Polling different options of designs can result in delays to the content coming out. We're aware that many players are eager to do new things in the game so we think polling it as it stands is the best course of action. Aside from the memes about having skinny legs, I don't think it's too controversial. If it doesn't pass, we will of course review it again. I hope this helps with your question! :)

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Originally posted by ArrgsR

/u/jagexlight gave you guys considered this sweet ass crossbow design that was posted here?

Gives it a more t shape look to separate it from other crossbows.

Maybe poll the design between this and your own model?

I came across this on Reddit! It looks awesome. We don't currently have a plan to shift designs at present or offer more polling options because that could result in potential delays. However, it's entirely possible that in the future we include more ways to incorporate player designs into our poll blogs and it's something I will make sure to bring up to the team.

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Originally posted by EldtinbGamer

These updates Torva legs look way better, good job jagex on listening.

Thanks very much! We appreciate that!

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Originally posted by JagexLight

I have fixed this, looks like the wrong question box was copied and pasted - thank you so much for raising this!

My bad

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Originally posted by LatinFoodie

Awesome changes! Did the team consider adding a small range strength buff (+10) to the crossbow?

This should make it a significant, strong T80 upgrade to existing xbows with a baller spec and passive effect.

If the idea for the xbow is for it to be more of a spec weapon (and only be a slight upgrade to arma xbow as a mainhand), has there been any consideration to lowering the energy requirement on the special (maybe down to 55-60% energy)?

I feel like adding +10 range str and calling it a day would be pretty significant for the first T80 weapon :).

We have looked at this as part of your feedback. At present we feel the bow doesn't need the range strength uplift - this could change depending on how much feedback we see and how powerful the crossbow is ingame. Husky went into a bit more detail on our livestream about a similar question (not exactly the same question, but similar) at 49:50. I'd recommend checking that out incase you may not have seen it for some further insight!

TLDR: The team will continue to monitor this feedback but we're not looking at changing the crossbow at present. If needed, balancing changes can also be made post-launch depending on feedback. :)

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Originally posted by skyfireknight

"Should Torva Armour be added to the game, we will review suggestions concerning existing items and consider how we can make them more useful in the future. This could be through a buff or new content that makes these items more desirable."

So you're saying if Torva passes, you will buff the Justiciar Faceguard?
(I only think the faceguard would need a defensive buff to create a gap between the Torva helm)

It isn't saying we will definitely make buffs and other changes to existing items but after discussing it as a team, we aren't opposed to doing that if players want us to and we feel that there is a valid reason to. We will only really know post launch where any issues are but it's pretty much just saying that this feedback is on our radar and we will monitor it. :) I hope that helps

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Originally posted by mister--g

Forget Nex , I'm excited I can finally train runecrafting next year outside of tears of guthix!

Can you tell us if it will be in the first half or second half of the year?

We're picking up the Gazettes again, and I am hopeful that we will share more news looking ahead via the Gazette so you have a better idea of what's coming. :)

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Originally posted by Blindtofeelings

I think the crossbow needs a bit of range strength. It only needs 10ish.

The debate of acb vs zartye crossbow shouldn't be a topic.

Zartye should be a straight upgrade in damage, the special attack is strong, but we want a general usage crossbow, not just a spec weapon.

Slightly more accurate with a better spec is kinda meh For our first t80 weapon.

Totally understand your feedback and thanks for explaining it. We spoke about some stuff relating to the Crossbow at 49:50 on our livestream which might give a bit more context on our approach and why we feel it sits quite well at present. We're going to continue to monitor feedback on this, also it is something that we can also bring up post-launch if need be. :)

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Originally posted by Krtxoe

uh no changes at all to Torva since the last blog? I thought you guys were taking player feedback

The last blog was making changes to the first one, so this is update 3. We didn't want to make too many new changes this time around. We will always take player feedback, review it and decide as a team. Sometimes that means not changing something, sometimes it means changing lots of things, really depends on what we're hearing from you guys. :)

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Originally posted by lothlirial

I feel like question 2 is worded in a way that people who don't read the blog might think the gear is degradable. I suggest a change in wording that makes it more clear that the Bandos gear is only needed once, to create the gear.

I'll catch up with the team on Monday and see if we can get some more clarity around this, and I can adjust the wording if needed. Thanks for raising!

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Originally posted by DatJohnGuyRS

For question #2 on Torva, I would recommend altering the wording slightly because it currently sounds like Torva would be degradable and require Bandosian Components to repair. I know that it actually drops in a broken state and after repairing it becomes non-degradable, but I think when the question is polled most people won't look at the blog for context and would misunderstand.

Aside from that small detail everything look good, great job!

I'm gonna have a chat with the team on Monday to get some more clarity and I'll adjust the wording as well pending that chat. Thanks for bringing it up :)

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Originally posted by BioMasterZap

Bit disappointed there is no further discussion on the Crossbow, such as giving it Ranged Strength or how it compared to other Ranged Weapons.

Also, before the poll can we please get clarification on the Ecu Key Shards? This has been asked in every Nex Blog and we have yet to be told where they come from or anything beyond that they exist. We don't know what drops them or the rarity, so how are we expected to vote on them? For all we know it could be a 100% drop from everything in the Ancient Prison or a 1/10 only from Nex herself.

First part is noted, we've had some internal discussions and addressed the Crossbow on our livestream at 49:50.
Regarding the second part of your comment, I apologise that I didn't see that as it'd be a great question for yesterday's Q&A. I will catch up with the team on Monday about it and get that clarified further.

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Originally posted by RaidAndStake

For the love of god please make it so the Ancient Ceremonial Robes allow us to bypass getting the KC. Getting KC is boring and no one likes that part of a boss. We want to kill the boss, not the minions. There's a reason why mains don't bother killing GWD bosses apart from pet hunters. Also, will there be a bank in the room just before Nex like in RS3? Please yes, since the minions were called to be pretty beefy.

Hey there! We addressed this questions/topic on our livestream at 41:10 so it might interest you to take a look and leave us your feedback/thoughts?

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Originally posted by Blindtofeelings

I watched the live stream.

I saw you specifically ask for more detailed information on our issues.

I know that's the answer you're allowed to copy paste, but you have 6 people already saying the exact same thing.

Giving that copy pasted answer isn't helping when I've read it on all the other crossbow posts.

It's not so much on you, but it makes you seem uncaring and tone deaf when it keeps being posted and people keep disagreeing and giving the same feedback.

It feels like it's just going to be hand waved away.

We look at all different types of players, feedback, issues and we will then discuss as a team to figure out an approach that works well, both for players and for the game. This piece of feedback is something I'm seeing pop up a lot more, it's definitely noted and I'll make sure to bring it up again. Sometimes feedback will come in thicc and it doesn't result in immediate changes because it's healthier to review once players have had a chance to use it. I know that's not the answer you're looking for at present but we do really value what you're telling us as it helps us pass it back to the team. :)

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Originally posted by WastingEXP

might be nice to hyperlink to the gazette that spoke initially of the GoG minigame thing

That's a good shout! I'll sort that out now. Cheers!

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Originally posted by Carvoic

Woot! Look forward to it jagex!


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Originally posted by Blindtofeelings

The majority of feedback so far is bow and torva redesign.

Telling us no, to give different feedback and hand waving it off with a copy pasted reply isn't helping.

It's not copied/pasted, it's just saying the same thing to address multiple comments rather than straight up ignoring it. I take on board what you're saying and will make sure it gets back to the team.

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Originally posted by anonumousse

One person could like it and the argument that ‘people have different tastes’ would be valid. The majority isn’t happy with it, I don’t think that should be brushed over.

Not intending to brush over anyone's feedback, just trying to be somewhat helpful :) I'll ensure that this all gets communicated back to the team.

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Originally posted by Merdapura

u/JagexLight Does this mean that items are no longer going to be changed? Godsword, crossbow and essence all need love before being relevant.

Unrelated to nex: Has anyone in the Nex team thought about making Virtus armor letting you autocast ancients with Harmo staff?

Not at present,but I will bring up discussions expressed in this post to the team next week. I can't speak about the Virtus Armour stuff, but would encourage you to ping Mod Arcane on Discord or Twitter - as he's said he's very open to questions relating to Nex

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Originally posted by Blindtofeelings

Alright thank you once again for clarification and hearing where the concern is, being heard.

My biggest concern was seeing the exact same text used to 'hand wave' away the information.

"We understand this is your feedback, but we've already said no."

We really value your feedback and I get that it's frustrating for you to see us hearing what you're saying and seemingly ignore it. Taking player feedback is part of what we do, but we're also balancing the interests of lots of different things, as well as different players' opinions as well. We often see feedback and discuss as a team. In this case I was just trying to say that we did see the feedback relating to this, but we are not planning at present to introduce the changes you asked for. When it was brought up in discussions, it was mentioned we can look at it as part of post-launch stuff if players are still unhappy with it. So that's just what I'm trying to communicate back. I will make sure it gets brought up again though

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Originally posted by Zxv975

I actually had to sit someone down and explain that it didn't have a degrade cost and it was a one time repair. They supposedly read the blog but just assumed "repair = degrade" and would not move past that. He was ready to vote no well before the thought crossed his mind that he might've misread something.

Can confirm I've just pinged Mod Arcane and Torva does not degrade, so I'm adjusting the wording of the question before poll is live in game. :)

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Originally posted by Jayjay4848

The poll has now gone live, and unless I've missed it, we still have no idea what we are voting on in regards to Ecumenical key shards. Where do we "gather" them from, how many can we stack, any information apart from the one sentence in the blog.

Hey Jay! I've just pinged Mod Arcane, sorry for the late reply. The Ecu Key Shards drop from Nex and there's no limit to how many you can Shards you can stack but there is a cap to the Keys. The Keys are capped at 3, but that goes up to 4 with the Medium Wildy Diary completed, then 5 with the Hard Wildy Diary completed.

50 Shards = 1 Key.

I hope this helps and sorry I couldn't get that info to you sooner.