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Mods Mods >_>

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Originally posted by MaximusGod0fWar

/u/JagexLight Thanks for this!

By the way, there's a typo in Mod Bruno's response to question 2, in the final sentence: Dragon's Lair II should say Dragon Slayer II.
Crazy how similar those phrases sound!

Thank you for making me aware! I have edited this :D

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Mod mod light

Hey hey everyone everyone

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Originally posted by Thermald

I think this would be cool for more casual players like me. I would like chill dungeons that help toteach game mechanics for people who aren’t ready to sweat yet, but also want group content with friends. As a casual mid level player I struggle to find group content to do with my higher level friends and I want to do engaging PvM but do not feel ready for raids yet. I consider myself a “baby” OSRS player cause I haven’t raided yet and I know there’s so much more to do 😭

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Originally posted by Repealer

And update on the boss bash? It ended a while ago and not seeing any info anywhere😀

Great work recently btw!

I have messaged the group boss bash winners on Friday, and I plan to publish the group names in a gazette or game update post. I am giving some time to the winners to get back to me via email if they want their prize given on a different account. However I need to double check that the inbox messages were received on their end - I haven’t heard back yet from anyone who I invited but it should’ve all gone through on Friday