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Originally posted by Valk93

Tbow being BIS at yet another boss disappointed me. Hope it'll be adjusted for crossbows, why else get a zaryte crossbow? Not for this boss at the moment, that's for sure

I'll make sure this is brought up in our Q&A today, to get some insight from the dev team and hear what they have to say. We appreciate the feedback. :)

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Originally posted by xDiPnDoTz

Thank you for everything you do mods!

Thank you! We hope you're enjoying yourself and please keep letting us know what you think!

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Originally posted by [deleted]


We've made a few tweaks to Nex's mechanics, but nothing has changed in this regard at present.

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Originally posted by BelleDelphne

Mod Light, it was clear that bows were not supposed to be used because crossbows were said to be her weakness yet everyone is using a Twisted bow, Bowfa and Dark Bow.

Zaryte Crossbow feels underwhelming because of this, and so does Armadyl Crossbow.

Thank you for explaining! I'll make sure we touch on this point in tonight's Q&A, and I'll pass this on.

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Originally posted by TheRSFelon

Man. It’s a total clusterf**k in there right now and I’m not even bothering going back til we can do some smaller groups.

But damn, is it fun. Great job guys. Can’t wait to find out how challenging she REALLY is.

Cheers for the feedback! Sounds like you're on board with the idea of shared group instances then? We'll keep this in mind.

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Originally posted by TheAbysseOSRS

is it possible to increase the drop rate of the nihil shards on the monsters where you get kill count ? I've been lucky enough to get an early nihil horn to make the Zaryte crossbow, but as an ironman, I have to gather myself 250 nihil shards. The current rate to get them is just absurd.

I've seen this come up a couple times so I'll add this as something we can discuss in today's Q&A. I would say that it is day two only, so perhaps a grind isn't too bad, but it's worth discussing. I am assuming the team would like to monitor feedback before straight up buffing any loot tables.

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Originally posted by Fergie32

Will curses be released to the game for players now that Nex is having Wrath and Soulsplit? Oh and btw I’m not for or against them just asking the question.

We've got this as a question for the devs on today's Q&A. Hoping we can answer it and get the devs thoughts!

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Originally posted by lenlogic

I think making the private instance from hard achievements accessible to friends is a great idea, and not just limited to Nex. I understand the concern of private instances bringing in too many items but locking it behind hard diary (which also entices more people to complete them) on top of the GE tax + deleting items, should alleviate most concerns.

You can also make it so completing higher tiers allows more people to join, to help further reduce any mass farming that you think may happen. For example, hard = 3-4 players max, elite = 5-6, master = 10, grandmaster = 20 (or unlimited due to the difficulty of this achievement, and would be great for clan events).

Also if this question could be discussed on the stream today that'd be amazing. Can we extend private instances to other gwd bosses/other bosses in general, locking it behind combat diary with higher tiers = more players can join? u/JagexLight

This is actually something that came up in our meeting today (whether we'd want to extend it to other GWD bosses). We're not sure yet, we need to see player feedback and response first but it's certainly something we can look at. Thanks for your feedback!

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Originally posted by ctig107

Can we please get all updates included in the news post? There was no mention of the slayer helm buff other than a tweet which limits visibility.

Thanks that's a really good point. We'll make sure this is amended soon, a number of us are taking a late lunch but it will be added ASAP!

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Originally posted by OSRS-Jared

We've reduced the base value of Blood Essence and increased the value of all Torva pieces, the Nihil Horn (as well as the completed Zaryte crossbow) and Zaryte vambraces accordingly.

Oh well. Thanks for the 80m coffer though Jagex! This was the first time on OSRS that I was able to take advantage of something unbalanced on a large update release day.

Very naughty but we understand haha.

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Originally posted by vKKae

Fix the speed running in mass, you are allowing a massive influx of Nex drops in the game because she is dying every minute, tbow being good sounds normal for masses it’s in the normal size groups where crossbows out shine it

There's some tweaks in there today that should help a bit with the scaling in larger groups, and we'll continue to monitor the activity levels as well as feedback concerns. I know the devs themselves are really passionate about making sure you feel rewarded for your time, as well as challenged and having fun. They are certaintly on top of all the feedback - thanks for engaging with us.

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Originally posted by fitmedcook

It's hard to judge nex changes since stuff like droprate scaling isnt known to us yet. I for one had fun massing it on day 1 with strangers and not worrying too much about other people having bad gear. The mechanics being a bit relaxed is nice since coordination in an 80 man boss lair is difficult.

Smaller scale nex kills being a bit harder mechanic wise but more rewarding would be good but please dont make casual masses impossible

From the conversations with the developers I've had, I don't think the intention is to stop casual masses ocurring. I'm pretty new to PvM myself and Nex is something I'd like to do as a segway into even more challenging PvM. I think that they just want to ensure that players learn mechanics properly rather than cheesing through with big groups.

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Originally posted by surprisedropbears

What time is tonight's Q&A?

I've really found that you guys don't actually advertise them well at all these days.

Tonight at 5pm GMT on Twitch - In about 2.5 hrs.

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Originally posted by surprisedropbears

When is the Q&A?

It's in 1.5hrs (5pm GMT on Twitch)