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In 3 days i have found over 30+ 3cb HCIM skillers doing exactly same thing with almost identical stats.

99+mining and doing agility at seers village. And you can find these on most of the worlds. They never reply to anything.

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If you have a list or an example account I can have a quick look

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Originally posted by TwiddlePlaysRS

Hello u/JagexTwisted could you please investigate a ban for me? I apologize that this is how I have to reach out, but the appeal seems to have been auto-denied and I would be infinitely grateful for a manual review.

My Ironman “Lil Twid” recently received a permanent ban. This account is attached to my Jagex account, but my I’ve noticed strange activity on multiple accounts attached to my Jagex Account and I believe it has been compromised. If you could check the account it would mean a lot to me. If you find that what I’m saying about it being compromised is indeed true, could you please appeal the ban and lock the account until I’m able to figure out what to do next? Thank you so much for your time.

Lil Twid

Removed the ban

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