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22 Mar

21 Mar

Everyone's favorite alien onion, Pachimari, is back with its own in-game event! Pachimari is the cute, cuddly, and collectible plush toy which first appeared in the Hanamura arcade's crane games. Login to Overwatch 2 now and complete event challenges to earn Pachi-themed cosmetics and play in an all-new arcade game mode featuring Pachimari itself!

It's time to CATCH-A-MARI!

To kick things off for PachiMarchi, we’re bringing an all-new 3v3 “elimination-confirmed” game mode to Overwatch 2, Catch-A-Mari. Like Team Deathmatch, teams will coordinate to stay alive and defeat their opponents, but each time an opponent is eliminated, a Pachimari toy will drop from their hero. The team who got the elimination needs to collect that Pachimari in order to score a point. If an opponent grabs it first, they prevent the other team from scoring!

You'll be in a Pachi-collecting frenzy as you compete on the arena maps of Blizzard World, Kanezaka, and Downtown Busa...

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20 Mar

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We are starting a short maintenance, details here found in this post:


19 Mar

17 Mar

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Overwatch 2, along with all Blizzard games, will be undergoing server maintenance starting on Monday, March 20, at 5:00 AM PDT and will last for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, the game will be unavailable to play on all platforms. Prior to maintenance, we will slowly stop matchmaking queues and prevent new games from being able to start before the maintenance goes live. This maintenance is server-related only, and players should expect to see no change to gameplay once the service resumes. Thank you for your understanding.

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Greetings, for your specific inquiry, Blizzard Support would not be able to check the status of Competitive record which is probably why you are not reaching a point to submit a service ticket, and are being referred to our existing support articles.

To answer your question, even if you did get hit with a competitive penalty, chances are the starting suspension has likely ended by now, and you should be able to resume playing Competitive Play. When you reach your next Competitive rank update, there will be an indicator in the UI showing if you had any leaver violations in that set of matches.

16 Mar

15 Mar