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01 Aug

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As we wrap up this season and head into Overwatch 2: Invasion, we’d like to share some information regarding hero lifetime challenges.

Right now, there are lifetime challenges for each of the heroes, and completing those challenges unlocks player icons. These lifetime challenges and player icons will be integrated into the new player progression system when Overwatch 2: Invasion launches, but any current progress on these lifetime challenges will not transfer over into the new player progression system.

You will keep any previously earned rewards from completing the lifetime challenges moving into the new system. You can still complete the hero lifetime challenges until the end of season five.

We’re super stoked to introduce our new player progression system when Overwatch 2: Invasion launches on August 10!

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25 Jul

Alchemist Mei needs your help! The mischievous Rogue Kiriko is causing trouble throughout Overland. She’s taken one of her valuable artifacts allowing her to transform into more than a dozen objects. It’s up to Royal Guard Genji to stop her before she can get away, but it will take sharp wits and a keen eye to find her in our newest event, Mischief & Magic!

Mischief & Magic is a "prop-hunt" style game mode consisting of two teams of five taking turns hiding from the knights or seeking out the rogues. In order to win the round, the rogues must avoid being caught and tagged by the knights before time runs out. On the other side, the knights must find all five rogues before time expires to score. Teams swap sides every round, and the first team to three wins is the victor.

Keep Calm, Stay Sly

As rogues, you and your teammates won’t be able to attack, but you can jump, double-jump, and wall-climb around the map as you sneak to find the perfect hiding...

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As Blizzard evolves as a studio, inside and out, one of the ideas pushing us forward is meeting players around the world where they are and making our games as easy as possible to access and play. We want to give everyone a chance to experience our universes with old friends while making new ones, no matter how they choose to play. 

Battle.net is the home of all our PC players, and over the years, we’ve evolved our platform to support updated technologies, capabilities, and our communities’ expectations. But as we’ve evolved, the industry has evolved too–gaming is no longer just for specific communities as it was when Battle.net launched over two decades ago, gaming is for everyone–and though we remain committed to continually investing in and supporting Battle.net, we want to break down the barriers to make it easier for players everywhere to find and enjoy our games.

Which is why we’re trying something new. 

We’re excited to announce that we are bringing ...

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18 Jul

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