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08 Mar

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Welcome to the Overwatch Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extremely valuable tool to the development team, allowing all of us to help make Overwatch the best game it can be.

The quality assurance team will be monitoring this forum continuously, looking for new issues and then adding them to our bug tracking database. We will also move some threads over to the Tech Support Forum if we believe your issue may related to your personal setup as opposed to the Overwatch client itself.

While you may not see us post here...

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In Season 10, we’re joining Porsche for a new in-game collaboration, featuring a Legendary D.Va skin inspired by the all-new Macan Electric!

This collaboration will feature multiple new cosmetics and two Legendary skins, with the D.Va skin unveiled today. D.Va is not only incredibly cool, but with her mech’s functional and immediately identifiable design, she felt like the perfect Hero to kick-off Overwatch 2’s next collaboration.  And as a character in-universe, her love for engineering and constantly improving Tokki connected her right away with attention to detail and care of Porsche. We know you’ll love her new skin as much as we do!

The back of D.Va’s mech has been carefuly designed to match the Porsche design

The back of D.Va’s mech is inspired by the design language of the all-new Porsche Macan Electric.

Beyond the in-game collab...

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07 Mar

Hello, wonderful people, and welcome to the mid-Season 9 Director's Take! This season had the most significant changes to the game that we've made in a long time. When we launched Season 9 in February, we wanted to make sure to keep an eye on your feedback and react to what we saw. We've had two patches so far, and we have another one, which is quite the stunner, coming up next week. Let's get into that… no, wait! ...Let's talk about where we're at… and then get into that.

The changes made this season were designed to address multiple issues in the game, based largely in part on your feedback. We're happy with how these modifications have shifted the game, but there are two areas we want to improve a bit: the Damage passive, and how some individual heroes have landed after the shakeup. We think the direction we’re heading in is correct but agree that some changes still need to be ironed out.

Let's start with the Damage passive. It's had quite a big impact on the ga...

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23 Feb

Hi everyone, and Happy Friday! :)

It's been a very exciting week and a half for Overwatch 2! Season 9: Champions shipped with a new and improved version of our Competitive system and a pretty comprehensive set of changes to the core mechanics of our game.

We're incredibly invested in these changes having a positive impact on the game and are committed to making rapid iterations to them to make that happen. In fact, earlier this week, we made our first pass at tuning with a set of refined projectile sizes and health changes for some of our heroes. We'll keep an eye on how these play out in order to inform you of our next set of changes.

Let's talk about the reworked Competitive Play system, which also launched with Season 9. There's been a lot of excitement around it. In fact, there's been a pretty sizeable shift in our player population because of it. Previously, Quick Play was the most popular mode in Overwatch. It accounted for roughly 40% of the...

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22 Feb


Originally posted by Kxr1der

What this sub took from this interview: "Mercy mains were getting boosted!"

What this sub should have taken from this interview: There's a reason the rankings only take wins and losses into account and not performance. They tried the other way and it's a mess because stats don't always translate into skill in a team shooter

Replying here too since the most upvoted post changed. Yeah, it's a really nuanced topic and the example I used wasn't great because this was a problem for our whole cast and Mercy was not the biggest problem.

Just to be clear to anyone reading this after only watching this clip, this was a system we removed many years ago in OW1 and the effects of the problems it caused were erased long ago too.


Originally posted by banethor88

Healthy changes all around. Except for Widow - why increase her effective range even more?

I still feel like snipers remain a part of the DPS design that's quite unsolved - it makes the game quite un-interactive especially with a mercy pocket where one-shots are still quite likely.

Some of this was for Widow duels - there were spots we saw Widows dueling each other (from statue to spawn on King's Row was one sightline we used) and just not dying even though we felt the distance should have resulted in a kill. Should still be safe from one-shot when playing 250hp heroes further back (behind car on first point, ledge above is fine too for King's Row for example). If it ends up shifting her effective range too much, it could get rolled back.

21 Feb


Originally posted by blizz_winter

Couldn't have said it better myself, other than to just clarify this was OW1 only problem and was fixed years ago.

Oh and I'm a single Winter, not plural Winters as this post title implies.


Originally posted by galvanash

Everyone who played at the time knows and remembers this, but let’s put this into context.

It was a bug, it was only really a thing for a few seasons, and it was not all Mercy players only ones that had oddly low heal stats but were still winning games.

It wasn’t a problem at all anymore after Season 8 when they removed performance based SR for all games above Diamond.

Couldn't have said it better myself, other than to just clarify this was OW1 only problem and was fixed years ago.

16 Feb


Originally posted by zeefeet

Is this a JQ buff?? Or just a bug fix?

Her melee was only dealing 30 damage instead of 40 (the new increased amount)

15 Feb

14 Feb

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To the heroes of Overwatch,

We want to keep you up to date on some of the bugs and issues we’re aware of that are affecting the game. This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting Overwatch 2, rather, this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

Regarding “Balanced Overwatch” Challenges.
Due to the issues with “Balanced Overwatch” challenges not completing consistently for players the following sprays will be granted to all players who log in before April 8.

  • Dev Doodle Mei from the Giddy Gratitude challenge
  • Dev Doodle Ramattra from Ultimate Fool: Tank challenge
  • Dev Doodle Tracer from the Ultimate Fool: Damage challenge
  • Dev Doodle Kiriko from the Ultimate Fool: Support challenge

Other issues:

  • We are investigating an issue where players who miss the window to be eligible for group respawn with a fallen teammate get respawne...
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13 Feb

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Overwatch 2 - Season 9: Champions and we’re celebrating with Twitch Drops! You can earn fun rewards when you watch your favorite Overwatch 2 content creators and influencers on Twitch! Link your Battle.net account today and earn these new rewards, available starting today and going through February 18.

  • Watch a total of 2 hours to earn the Cybermonk Name Card
  • Watch a total of 5 hours to earn the Cybermonk Voiceline for Zenyatta
  • Watch a total of 8 hours to earn the Cyber Orb Weapon Charm
  • Watch a total of 12 hours to earn the Cybermonk Epic Skin for Zenyatta

Earning Twitch drops for Overwatch 2 is easy! Simply connect your Battle.net account with your Twitch account, then tune into any eligible channel in the Overwatch 2 category on Twitch. Remember, when you earn any ...

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An unknown horror lurks beneath the ruins of Ecopoint: Antarctica. It will be up to you to solve the mystery of...Cosmic Crisis! Starting today with Overwatch 2 – Season 9: Champions, this new 4-player Co-op event explores a non-canon story that will test your loyalty to your teammates. Read on to learn more about Cosmic Crisis, and the new rewards and ways to play that will keep you coming back to this limited-time event.

Escape or Embrace the Darkness

In the wake of a crash landing, join forces with three unlikely allies to repair your ship, and escape a ruined Ecopoint: Antarctica. Monstrous null sector units have overrun the station, and an ancient threat lurks in the shadows. As you fight back these eldritch horrors, you must stay strong to resist the call of the Ravager.

Cosmic Crisis has unique co-op objectives that change between playthroughs, and each game presents one player with a choice that will determine the fate of your team. Will you work ...

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