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Have yourself a Pagan Little Christmas... 1.2.0. Patch Notes

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almost 4 years ago - /u/Sasha_jp - Direct link

With Christmas creeping nearer and Santa stealing all the glory, we decided to give out some gifts of our own to spread some cheer.

In this patch, we introduce some highly requested balance changes, fix a large number of bugs, and introduce new tools for challenge: Steam achievements and post-battle stats. We’ve also decorated the Pantheon and introduced holiday-friendly login and loading screens. Last but most certainly not least, in the spirit of giving, we added a new pet to the game: Sasha of the Far East!

The seventh in a line of reincarnated hero companions, the proud Sasha will only accept the greatest of champions as her ally. She does accept snacks as payment, though.

Pet bonus: Drop chance increased by 10%. To acquire our latest pet, log in between December 19th and January 9th.

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