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With our official launch, a new journey begins.
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Transcript (by Youtube)

5s hey everyone and welcome to another
7s dialogue today we're going to talk a
9s little bit about our road to early
11s access and everything we have achieved
13s up until the release I'm joined today by
16s our two lovely lead programmers dammit
19s and hello everyone
21s pleasure to be here since the start of
23s the early access period our plan was to
25s listen to player feedback and plan out
28s our development accordingly we will talk
30s about the changes we've made to the game
31s and what motivated us to do so hope you
34s find the torque enjoyable so without any
37s further ado let's go for all the patch
39s updates in the order they were released
40s and see what changes they promised at
46s the start of the early access period the
47s game had a multiplayer Lobby and the
49s completely single-player combat
51s experience after a few weeks with
53s patched zero point two point zero came
56s the support for cop you have to work out
58s and we designed almost every system in
61s the game to make that a possibility with
63s this update we also changed how our
65s damage calculations work most of our
67s damage calculations were primarily
69s affected by physical damage so stacking
72s it was more useful than stacking any
73s other damage type in order to make
75s physical damage less important for your
77s build we've added weapon damage stats
80s weapons in the game now have this base
82s stat which then gets converted into
84s corresponding damage type through player
86s abilities this way we've made the damage
89s type more balanced as in each is equally
92s beneficial in this early stages balance
97s was not in a good place most bosses
99s could be done without a fight and this
101s happened regardless of the difficulty we
103s ramped up the difficulty in order to
105s make the game a bit more challenging
107s maybe too challenging but we will
109s address this in the future updates and
112s we plan to work on this as well in the
114s future in this patch we also worked on
115s improving your quality of life when it
117s comes to gameplay one feature that was
119s heavily requested and that we
121s implemented was the ability to confirm
123s your character after the tutorial you
125s chose one hero which was available from
127s the start at the time these were king of
129s each is token
130s play for the tutorial and then be able
132s to go back if you're not satisfied with
134s the hero that you chose another quality
136s of life thing that we added to the game
138s was the ability to have an alternate
140s control scheme we weren't ready yet to
142s implement the click to move but this was
144s a temporary solution that needed to
146s satisfy players a desire to play click
148s to move and not WASD unlocking heroes
153s through collecting shards was viewed by
155s players as a long grind and most were
157s not in love with that idea another thing
159s which made hero unlocking harder was the
161s linearity of it the first hero you would
163s unlock would always be looking and the
165s last one would always be able area to
167s make this system less constricted we've
168s added a new currency to the game heroes
170s Souls each hero soul unlocks one hero
173s and you can choose whichever hero you
174s want to unlock first shards were still
176s kept in the game for skin unlocks these
178s hero souls were much easier to obtain
180s especially if you had a friends to carry
182s you through all those high-level
183s assassination missions pepp 0.5 was the
189s first of the bigger patches we have
191s planned for the end of early access
192s players familiar with other action RPGs
195s were very vocal about our early skill
198s upgrade system which was very basic this
200s mate has put a lot of effort in
202s designing and implementing an ability
204s tree system which would enable players
206s to make their own custom builds and get
208s more personal with their favorite
210s characters apart from the new ability
212s system some existing features went
214s through a lot of changes some of the
216s character stats were removed some new
218s like aster shield were added and some
221s were tweaked a bit the crafting system
222s was heavily changed as well recipe and
225s blueprint drops were reduced in
226s preparations for changes we would be
228s getting in the next patch last but not
230s least this patch brought a whole new act
233s to the game act 6 which added another
236s boss fight into the mix the second in
240s our series of week updates brought a bit
243s of love to the end game so we basically
244s added a way for you to gain additional
246s ability points beyond what you get for
248s leveling and to upgrade your abilities
251s further these bonus points are gained as
253s a reward for completing a mini challenge
255s involving idle of wisdom also there was
257s now a way to reliably gain recipes to
260s use in craft
261s by defeating cage Guardians we've also
263s added people that tributes to give
264s legendary items more impact schools of
267s magic to give players something to keep
269s an eye out for and the gauntlet was
271s reworked significantly
272s all in all a lot of endgame stuff in
274s this patch in this patch we also managed
276s to implement a highly requested features
279s such as controller support and quick
280s tour we do consider these changes to be
283s only the first step in improving your
284s and game experience as we are still
287s working on systems that will I depth and
289s fund to the end game this patch was the
292s last one in early access period which
294s means we are getting closer to the end
296s of this dialogue all that remains is
300s besides containing a lot of polish and
302s bug fixes to things already in the game
304s the release build also included two
306s whole new campaign acts act seven and
308s eight two new playable heroes and the
311s ability to select any hero at the start
313s of the game with those two new act scum
315s two new bosses as well the game has the
317s full single-player experience now that
319s the campaign is finished but we are not
321s done yet
321s we were planning a lot of stuff some of
323s which we've mentioned in the previous
325s dialogue you should watch it together to
327s speed a bit we feel that we have seen a
330s lot in the past few months and we
331s couldn't have done it without you the
333s game is better now that it ever was and
335s it's all thanks to your valuable
336s feedback we are very proud of the
338s community on this card and reddit and we
340s really appreciate your support and
342s constructive criticism we're getting
343s each day making pagan online was a big
346s learning experience for all of us here
348s at metal games and with each new feature
350s or build we prepare for you guys we got
352s more experienced and daring to push
354s ourselves even further we have no plans
356s on slowing down we will continue to
358s improve the game until we reach our
360s ultimate goal making any RPG of your
362s dreams we love you guys and girls and we
364s hope to keep seeing you in the pantheon
366s until the next devlog bye
369s [Laughter]
373s you
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/992640/announcements/detail/1583500741853633566]here[/url].
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It was a long journey that happened in a flash! In this Devlog, we reminisce about our road to release and what we have achieved since the game went into Early Access.

With our official launch, a new journey begins.