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1s [Music]
5s hello everyone and welcome to another
8s dev vlog this one is going to be focused
10s on the programming side of the
12s development I'm Daniel
14s the lead programmer on pagan online I
16s oversee all the work that front-end and
19s back-end programmers are doing also
21s working on integrating and connecting it
24s all in the project hello I'm Lada the
26s lit technology programmer on pagan
28s online I mostly work on the backend side
30s of things and my name is Roya under the
32s gameplay programmer and I work on stuff
34s that directly affects your gaming
36s experience in this dialogue we will
38s explain our general workflow and talk
40s about some of the most common issues we
42s plan to address for the release and
44s beyond hope you find it interesting I or
56s a little boy Asad
59s it all starts in the beautiful minds of
61s our game designers they're the ones that
63s point out the gameplay features and
64s loops and present us with the document
66s that gives us an idea on what is
68s expected to be implemented before going
70s further with the implementation
71s programming team will discuss the best
74s approach and there is usually some back
76s and forth between the programming team
77s and game designing team before we end up
80s with a compromise that satisfies both
82s parties here
84s we also discussed if we need to expand
86s our back-end systems to make those game
88s design ideas a reality for instance
91s things like co-op leaderboards and
94s similar cannot work without back in
96s support after everything is pretty much
99s set in stone we move further with
101s planning of the execution time frames
103s and all that stuff depending on the
105s complexity of the feature
106s it is either scheduled for the next
108s patch or a few batteries down the line
111s game development is an iterative process
113s and we are almost never quite finished
115s with the feature and so we need to
116s change and improve a lot of things with
118s those changes and reworks often come new
121s bugs and performance issues some of
123s which we will talk about today
126s since we are getting close to the
128s release date we are putting a lot of
130s effort in making our back-end as stable
132s as possible we are constantly changing
133s and improving our scripts and systems
135s that deal with our server environments
137s databases etc sometimes things don't go
140s as expected and the players are affected
143s in the most gruesome way progress wipes
147s we have identified some of the causes
150s and we'll work on getting those bugs
152s scratched by the time of release and we
155s will put extra effort in trying to
157s identify instabilities that may arise
161s optimization is something that you can
163s never do enough of to this day the
165s programming team was mostly tasked with
167s creating new features and content for
169s the release build we were aware that the
171s inventory system was affecting players
173s the most in the early stages of the
175s early access period and have assigned a
177s few people to deal with it directly in
179s one of the earlier patches we have
181s deployed a completely reworked system
183s and hopefully you've noticed the
185s difference no more waiting for server
187s messages while moving items around as we
189s finish working on features we can
191s dedicate more time and people in
193s improving more of those systems as well
196s as general CPU and dpo performance the
201s performance issues that are in the game
202s are affecting cooperative play
204s experience - and coupled with server lag
206s those issues become even more noticeable
208s and disruptive to the field of the game
210s as we change the way we handle Lewton
212s enemy spawns in arenas and make those
214s systems more optimized the co-op
216s experience will reap the benefits as
217s well we have a few people dedicated to
219s identifying and fixing performance in
221s core play as more and more team members
223s become available our progress in core
225s performance optimizations will become
227s even more noticeable since we are
231s finishing the production of the features
232s that we have set in the roadmap for the
234s BFP one two and three we will finally
237s have time to address the elephant in the
239s room
239s the lack of campaign co-op the campaign
241s was something that we have wanted to
243s make playable in the party from the
244s beginning but we were pushing it back
246s until we answer all the design questions
249s that might pop up in production now that
251s we have an idea how to change our
253s dialogue and if
254s and systems we have started making
256s campaign cop something that will find
258s its way into the game at some point for
263s campaign co-op we have a few back-end
266s system that we need to modify a bit
267s currently we have servers which are used
270s for assassinations expeditions and other
273s mission types when playing in a party
275s speaking of the backend side of things
277s there is no reason we can't use the same
279s servers for campaign levels as for the
282s front-end the actual gameplay side we
284s still have a lot of work the quest and
286s dialogue systems have been extended a
288s bit to support shared experiences now
290s all we need to do is rework all the
292s campaign barrels to support play in a
294s cooperative party mostly this involves
296s just fixing bugs which are planned in
298s the current state of the gameplay code
300s as of now in our development builds one
302s of the party members which is usually
304s the leader is chosen to be in control of
306s the events in the campaign battle
308s dialogues will be played out for both
309s players and they will both see the same
311s events in the campaign level but only
313s the quest leader will be able to control
314s the stages of those dialogues and events
316s we might explore implementing a system
318s where both players need to click to
320s advance the dialogue a similar system we
322s are using for teleports at the end of
323s battle but for now this is what we are
325s working with if both players are on the
327s same quest they will both get quest
329s completion at the end of the level the
333s release date is coming closer and closer
335s and they are all ecstatic about it we
337s are dedicated to developing the game
338s after release so most of the problems
341s will be solved eventually we will
344s monitor our servers and make sure they
346s are working optimally for your enjoyment
348s and our team of gameplay programmers
350s will work on addressing any bugs you
352s might find in the game that's all for
354s now until next time see you in pantheon
362s [Laughter]
367s you
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Meet our programmer triad! Voja, Vlada and Damir have much to say about some top subjects of interest from the Community: optimization, CO-OP performance, campaign CO-OP, and more.

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