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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome back, we've got fixes for you!

We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, we're now back from our break and are working hard on fixing any major bugs left over before we put our full focus on to new content.

The holiday update will be ending on the 9th! Make sure to have collected your trophy before it is over. If you are in a country with IP restrictions such as Russia and you are not getting the Holiday trophy, you will need to use a VPN to connect to our cloud save servers and replay the event on one map.

  • “Get the ghost to walk in salt” has been added as a daily challenge
  • You can now change speaker modes between Mono, Stereo (default), Quad, Surround, 5.1 and 7.1 in the audio settings. Once changed, you must reload the main menu or load into a location
  • Ghosts and players can now move the large metal trays in Sunny Meadows
  • Coal in Sunny Meadows now have new sounds when dropped or thrown

  • Improved sanity drain accuracy when in light and dark areas
  • You can no longer complete the apocalypse challenge in multiplayer mode while solo or after other players leave
  • You can now place crucifixes in VR, so you can see the range indicator
  • While using text voice recognition, you can now click back and “goodbye” without waiting for the delay
  • While using text voice recognition, you can no longer activate the ouija board while the spirit box is turned on
  • Moroi hunt speed will now change if you lose sanity during the hunt
  • Adjusted the light above the front door in Edgefield
  • Improved accuracy of reflections in the Edgefield hallway

  • You will no longer get colour banding when FidelityFX is turned off
  • Rain will now work again on all maps
  • The bone will no longer spawn in unreachable locations
  • The thermometer will now show the correct temperature if you look into a different room and do not move your mouse
  • Tripods will no longer get stuck in some areas when dropping it
  • Swapping out equipment with Q whilst placing equipment, will no longer lock your movement
  • The Tanglewood outside light and woodwind tree fairy lights will no longer keep flashing after a hunt has ended
  • You will now be able to move if you die when holding an activated spirit box with text voice recognition
  • Some journal buttons’ clickable areas are no longer overlapping, making them easier to click
  • Jumping to the ghost page in the journal, then navigating back, will no longer swap to negative journal page numbers
  • Leaf piles will no longer “pop” in detail when moving towards or away from them
  • Ghosts will no longer spawn inside of or on top of blue beds
  • You can no longer get stuck in the blue tent on Camp Woodwind behind the sleeping mats
  • Removed some light leaks in Prison and School
  • Blue privacy screens will no longer have weird gaps in them
  • The truck’s map buttons will no longer render on top of transparent objects such as candle flames
  • You can no longer add locked items to a lobby when using loadouts
  • Truck ramp texture is now affected by the anisotropic setting
  • Graphic settings now apply correctly
  • Cookies no longer count as multiple cookies when 2 or more people collect them at the same time
  • Rugs in Grafton Farmhouse will no longer have a grey texture under them
  • BHaptics will no longer keep playing, if they were active when you were dead
  • BHaptics room haptics will now stop when leaving the room, for example: a room with an active car alarm
  • You can now take a photo of the black keyboard interaction and fingerprints
  • Moved a bin that was clipping inside a wall in School
  • School’s paper clips will now have the correct material, and not be clipping with the desk they are on
  • Removed several areas of leaking fog in the following maps
    • Ridgeview
    • Tanglewood
    • Edgefield
    • Bleasdale
    • Grafton
    • School
    • Prison
    • Sunny Meadows

  • Adjusted shader for privacy screens in Sunny Meadows
  • Several improvements have been made to the ghost’s walkable area
  • Newspapers, food baskets, cheese wheels, apples and potatoes now have colliders
  • Beds now have the correct colliders so objects will no longer get lost inside them
  • Added an invisible wall in West Foul Linen to stop players getting stuck
  • Increased the size of colliders for hedges in the Courtyard so objects will no longer get lost inside them
  • You can no longer throw items through the exterior window walls
  • Removed duplicated beds, wardrobes and other props when the hiding spot is blocked
  • You can no longer walk along the floor trim of the Courtyard to get pushed under the map
  • Cloth on beds will no longer be black on one side
  • The Female Day Room will no longer have floating books if the hiding spot is blocked
  • Potential fix for items teleporting from Hospital Room 3
  • You can no longer get stuck in SM restricted (female wing only), between the bed and the blocking bookshelves
  • Added some clutter to block a safe spot in the blocked entrance stairwell
  • The fountain water shader will no longer have visual artifacts
  • Fog will no longer render through the beige privacy screens
  • The ghost can no longer walk-through sinks or freezers in the Kitchen
  • Several fingerprints are now back in the correct place on doors

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord: https://discord.gg/phasmophobia
The Kinetic Games Team

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