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Latest Patch NotesPatch v4.0.1 is live! (over 1 year ago)

27 Mar

We’ve noticed a lot of new and returning fans enter the world of Eora. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new for Pillars of Eternity: II Deadfire that you should take note of before starting.
  • There’s two entirely different ways to play. Now with both classic real-time with pause and new turn-based combat, Deadfire builds on the foundation of classic tabletop gameplay more than ever before. You pick your mode from the outset. Warning: there’s no changing the mode once you’ve begun a new campaign.
  • All DLC is now available. If you purchased The Obsidian Edition, you already have access to all the post-launch content: Beast of Winter, Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, and The Forgotten Sanctum. If you haven’t picked up the DLC, now’s the time! All the major DLCs feature new characters, stories, and more!
  • The Ultimate - Face a series of challenges with all God Challenges, Trial of Iron, Path of the Damned, and Solo mode enabled.
  • ...
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Hi everyone,

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