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So recently my computer has been crashing and then the next morning I was banned on rainbow for cheating and was really concerned because I've never cheated on r6 before but I love the game so I made a new account and played two games last night and ended up being banned again. I have no idea why I keep being banned I'm not cheating but my PC kept crashing while playing games. I've appealed the ban but they won't tell me anything they just tell me it's denied and that no further assistance will be provided. I've wipes my computer but I don't wanna keep getting new accounts if I'm just gonna be banned Everytime. What can I do because I haven't cheated at all and I'm getting tired of it.
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Hey there. Please note that support cannot overturn a ban appeal's outcome once investigated. I'd also like to note that according to section 2 of Ubisoft's terms of use, "Except if specifically allowed within a particular Service, You acknowledge that You may not create multiple Accounts." Thus I would advise against creating new accounts after having been permanently banned.

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